What requirements must your building meet in order to request an elevator

The elevator has become an indispensable element for millions of elderly and dependent people. Without it, your social life may almost completely cease to exist, due to architectural barriers that many of these people find in going down and up the stairs of the blocks of flats, especially when they are too high. Many buildings in our country do not have an elevator due to their age, but their installation can be requested if they meet a series of requirements.

An elevator makes life easier for the neighbors of older age, as well as those with a physical disability. Both for social life and for forced departures from the home, such as consultations with the doctor, these grant a vital help for many citizens. We see how you can request their help and the relevant requirements.

Mandatory installation

The law establishes as a general principle that the installation of an elevator at the request of a single owner will be mandatory for the Community of neighbors, among others, provided that the applicant is a person with a disability or over 70 years of age. Likewise, people with disabilities or over 70 years of age must reside, work or provide voluntary services in the owner’s home and the installation work expenses, which each owner has to pay as a spill, cannot exceed 12 monthly installments of ordinary share of common expenses.

If these conditions are met, the cost of the works for the installation of an elevator at the request of a single owner are mandatory and have to be carried out by the community, even if the other owners vote against. However, there is an exception, which would be given by the incompatibility with building configuration, or when the assembly of the elevator involves the alteration of other common elements in an important way or involves a direct damage to an owner.

Architectural barriers for the disabled

If it exceeds the ordinary fee

If the community, regardless of the cost of the works, jointly approves the installation of the elevator, all owners will be obliged to comply with said agreement regardless of the budget. That is, if the majority of the building owners (more than 50 percent), who in turn represent the majority of the participation quotas, approve the installation of the elevator, all owners will be obliged to pay for the assembly of the same. If in the same case it is rejected, it cannot be carried out, unless the applicant covers the difference in the cost of the works.


Regarding the aid and subsidies for the installation of elevators, the different programs of each cutonomous community come into play, and even of the municipalities, to grant them. In each of the 17 territories quantities are given and different requirements are requested to grant them, so you must inform yourself in the social services of your town hall about this issue.

Also they official bulletins of each community They will contain said conditions, as well as the amounts thereof in the different regions of the country. Still, there are a number of practically generalized norms throughout the national territory, although apart from these, each community may demand additional and different requirements in each one.

Stairs of the 'Botín's Nephew'

General requirements

According to him State Housing Plan 2018-2021, grants for the installation of an elevator require that the property in question its construction will be completed before 1996, that has at least one 70% of the surface above ground with residential use of housing and that at least the 70% of their homes are habitual residence of owners or tenants. The amount of the subsidy is variable according to certain parameters, such as the space or the number of houses. Check the Plan to estimate your grant.

However, these requirements may vary by communities and municipalities, and grants can be obtained for more modern buildings if the circumstances of the same advise it. On single family homes they are required to be the habitual and permanent domicile of the owners or tenants. If we are talking about buildings, at least 50% of the houses have to meet this condition.

Plan 2018-2021: Aid to improve accessibility

These are the grants for the installation of elevators in 2019. They will be awarded for the implementation of solutions for the improvement of mobility and accessibility until 8,000 euros per home with a maximum coverage of 40% of the total cost of the project. Through these aids you can perform the installation of a elevator or stair lift platforms.

To access these grants it is necessary to present a technical report certifying the need to carry out the action in question. It can be with several of the assumptions contemplated by said law, such as working on the conservation of the home, improving accessibility or energy efficiency.