What phone numbers have additional cost?

Despite the advancement of instant messaging services, calling by phone is still one of the common ways of communication. With the numbers we dial, there is generally no problem, especially if you have some kind of pack or flat rate, but what cost the 900, 800 and those other numbers that we do not identify and that can represent a more or less important economic disaster?

Special pricing and additional pricing

It is easy to get a little trouble between so many that it can be «suspicious». To have it clearer the National Numbering Plan of the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement, classifies and defines them.

Among the telephone numbers generally not included in the flat rates of the different operators, it is necessary to differentiate those that are totally free and those that imply an extra cost.

Among the first, stands out the emergency number that works at the national level, 112 and also all those that start with 900 or 800. The confusion comes because until a few years ago, some of these numbers implied additional cost and others did not, but now any of them are totally free.

We insist only those that start with those three figures –900 and 800– because there are another 900 or 800 that are not free and some are not cheap. Among them:

  • 901. All numbers with this beginning are from shared fee between the sender and the receiver, that is, you will have to pay half the cost of that call.
  • 902. They have special rates, but do not be too scared, because their cost is usually similar to a call to a national landline, always depending on the rates of each operator.

In addition to these numbers there are also those of additional pricing, those that cost the most. They are the ones that start with 80 plus a third number that indicates what type of services or content you will find after that number, for example:

  • 803: adults (games of chance, contacts …)
  • 806: Leisure and entertainment
  • 807: professionals: lawyers, plumbers …

It is important to know that the fourth figure of these «800» will largely mark the final price of the call, whose amount will increase the higher it is. In other words, it is cheaper to call an 8031 ​​than an 8039, because the latter may have a soaring price per minute. Calls to these types of numbers can never exceed 30 minutes (they are automatically cut off), perhaps as a protection measure. Remember that if you want to claim any invoice, you should contact your operator and if necessary, you can also put the corresponding claim in the Telecommunications User Service Office.

Finally, 905, is also an additional rate number designed for massive calls: surveys, contests …

Regarding sending messages, it is important to remember that most of the calls SMS Premium, they carry an extra cost that can be considerable.