What older couples can do to break the routine

Share life with a person it carries many good moments and others not so much. Getting to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary is almost an achievement, given that marital separations after long years of living together are a reality in today’s society. Marital deterioration can be due to many factors, and one of them is that monotony or routine has been established in the relationship. At first, the passion remains alive, but over time life and the experiences suffered transform that feeling. However, there are ways to change the way we live with our partner.

Looking for alternatives

The life as a couple It is not a bed of roses or a fairy tale, we must take care of it and although when we have children they become the center of our priorities, what happens when they are gone? We must look for alternatives to promote quality relationships, which are also applicable to couples who have been together for many years and have not had children.

Some psychology experts suggest that one of the keys is that the communication between both flows. When we get into the routine we stop seeing some things, we take others for granted and as we think we already know after so many years who has been by our side, and thus we forget the details. However, this is a mistake, dialogue is vital to avoid misunderstandings and arguments.

At the same time, it is important to find something to do in common. Sharing is essential to keep a relationship active. This allows greater interaction, since carrying out activities as a couple encourages communication about them and also generates satisfaction between both parties. There are many possibilities, it involves find those activities that you would like to do together, such as signing up for a workshop, doing sports as a couple, traveling, taking a walk, etc.

Say «I love you»

Nor should we forget to express our feelings, to say what do we feel for the other person. Although we already take it for granted that we both love each other, hearing an «I love you» is always well received.

Many times thinking that after so long we no longer need to conquer our partner, we neglect. However, the mere fact of getting ready, of entering that ritual that we subjected ourselves to when we were just dating, is a way of maintaining the illusion for whom we share our lives.

Similarly, don’t forget about sexual intercourse either. This is important to talk about with your partner, if you need to do something different or look for new formulas to break the routine, the best way to solve it is to talk about it between you.