What is truth in reading the lines of the hands?

Reading the line of the hands it is the practice of palmistry, only that it is popularly designated this way. The term comes from the Greek kherir or «hand» and kept which is «divination». It is based on the reading of the lines of both hands in addition to taking into account other factors like its shape and size.

Is it proven?

This practice ensures that through the hands it is possible determine the personality of an individual, their psychological characteristics and even visualize their future. It is something universal present throughout the world although in some places there may be cultural variations. Quiromancers often know other predictive techniques such as tarot.

Chirologists defend this divinatory method based on the genetic correlation that according to them exists between the grooves and folds of the hands with certain physical and mental features. However, there are no empirical studies that show this supposed relationship, nor that the genes that exist in the hands, which are unknown, have a close link with the personality or psychological characteristics of an individual.

For these reasons and for those interpretative disagreements that exist depending on where in the world we find ourselves, the scientific community does not give credibility to this man. They consider it a pseudoscience since it also does not meet the requirements that a discipline must have to be classified as scientific. Little relevant research has been done and what little that exists has been done by palmists, so it lacks credibility.

Basically believing in this divinatory art is for many experts a matter of faith, because there is no solid proof to corroborate it.

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General ideas

In general, to do the reading, you have to choose one hand or the other based on sex, and what we want to know: present past and future. Sometimes both are read. Everything will depend on what those who want to know are looking for.

The size of the hand and its fingers already indicates features of the person. For example, it is considered that a hand is «mystical or guiding» when the palm is elongated, like the fingers, whose length is similar. The individuals who possess it are creative, introverted and emotional, according to palmistry.

As for the lines, the first of all is that of the heart, the next is the head and the last is life. While there is a fourth, this is the one that crosses all of these or the first two: that of luck.

A remarkable nuance is that contrary to what is usually thought, the length of the life line is not related to the time we are going to live, but to other aspects such as if we are a person with vitality (more extensive) or we allow ourselves to be manipulated with ease (short and shallow).