What is this song? Learn to use Shazam, the application that recognizes songs

Listening to a song on the radio or television and knowing its name in a matter of seconds, this is the main function of Shazam (@Shazam), the music recognition app that has been triumphing in the smartphones. As with the rest of similar programs, Shazam was born in 1999 to make our lives easier, because since then we no longer have to worry about not hearing that song that we like so much and that we do not know again. In addition, it is available for any type of device and is totally free.

However, for those who have not yet fully mastered the world of new technologies, it is important to remember that your how to use is very intuitive and simple, ideal for the elderly, and that it is not the only application that helps us in this regard. What should you know about it?

How does Shazam work?

Shazam’s way of working is as follows. In the first place, it is responsible for listening to the music that is playing in the environment, either sung or just hummed. Then, provide the title to the user, in addition to the author, the lyrics and the video clip. Finally, and as an additional function, the application stores all the searches we do and can even link them with our Spotify account (@SpotifySpain) so that we can hear them whenever we want.


Compared to its first versions, Shazam has evolved thanks to the work of its developers, since at the moment the application is owned by apple. In fact, in the last update it has included an option that identifies the songs no need for them to sound through a speaker. Under this premise, what steps must we take to identify the music we listen to?

  1. The initial step is download the application in the App Store or Play Store, if it does not come standard on the device.
  2. After installing and opening it, a screen will appear with the program logo, which will ask us ‘Press to shazamear’.
  3. By pressing the symbol in the center of the screen, the program starts listening and recognize the music that is playing. After a few seconds, the information corresponding to the song will appear on the screen, as well as the author, the title and even the lyrics.
  4. As we have seen previously, later we can store it, share it on social networks or add it to a playlist on Spotify.

What else does Shazam offer?

Once we have already put the basic function of this application to the test, we must remember that it is not the only one, because due to its remarkable evolution it can help us to further cultivate our musician side. For example, from the main screen we can access our library, option also known as My Shazam, where we will find all those songs that we have ever requested. In addition, in the menu on the right, the program saves several playlists classified according to genre or country.

Without forgetting the classic search engine, where we can obtain a more information of the musical themes that we like so much. And due to the artificial intelligence that many applications already have, Shazam is capable of know our tastes according to the songs you have registered, thus proposing us new discoveries, predetermined lists or even soundtracks of movies and television series.


Other applications to recognize songs

As we have already warned, although Shazam is the most used and known application in the world, there are also other options on the market that are equally valid and even simpler:

  • Google voice search. If we have an Android device, we will only have to press the center button for a few seconds so that it begins to recognize the song. The information he gives us is similar to that of Shazam and, although it does not cover as much repertoire as this one, it is possible to ask him, for example, the last song by Alejandro Sanz or Joaquín Sabina.
  • MusicID (@musicid). We are facing an identical application, but connected to YouTube instead of Spotify. In addition, it is possible to enter annotations in searches to remember why we are looking for that song or if it is a version or a remix.
  • Musixmatch (@Musixmatch). This is the only option that would surpass Shazam in terms of functionalities, since, in addition to including music recognition and storage of these discoveries, it offers the possibility of playing the songs in karaoke mode. That is, it identifies the song that is playing and only sets the base to be able to sing it.
  • Soundhound (@SoundHound). The only thing in which Shazam differs from said application is that the latter is paid, at least to be able to have all its services. Therefore, it has a free version that allows only five searches per month, and a version for 5.49 euros to discover songs without limits.
  • Deezer (@DeezerES). Actually, this program is more like Spotify than Shazam, as it is a streaming music platform. However, it includes the option to also identify songs through the search engine and the “SongCatcher” button. Thus, Deezer offers us two types of applications in one, hence its popularity.