What is the ‘Tellington Ttouch’ massage for dogs?

This method was created in the 1970s by Linda Tellington-Jones What part of horse training and dressage. A way to avoid that, when training these animals, they do not have manifestations of environmental stress, pain or fear. Such are the benefits of this physical contact application that it has quickly been adapted to put it into practice with all kinds of animals and pets.

And it is that, thanks to this massage known as Tellington Ttouch, for example, in the case of dogs, physical and emotional tension is released that this pet may suffer. Very useful as a relaxation, but also as part of a training to avoid misbehavior.

What is the 'Tellington touch' massage for dogs?

All are benefits with this massage

The secret of this manual therapeutic application is based on certain movements so that your dog can experience that sensation when it comes to freeing himself from these tensions. And how is it achieved? With those caresses on the body of your dog you will get that the functioning of its cells is stimulated, you will improve their circulation, your nervous system will relax and you will stimulate neural pathways that are not active on a regular basis.

It is highly recommended for all types of pets, even if they do not present any notable condition. But, above all, it is essential for those dogs that are afraid of too loud noises, storms, fireworks, firecrackers …, for those who have balance problems that causes the dog to be continuously nervous or for those with digestive discomfort. Light pressure on your stomach and your stomach pains will improve.

But it is not only about enjoying a pleasant time, which does not hurt, but in a way of promote contact between owner and pet, to show our affection and affection and to increase self-confidence. These guidelines are all essential when it comes to teaching our dog good manners or correcting bad behavior.

How do you do it?

All these healthy effects are achieved very easily with gentle movements that we will all be able to learn. So, they can be done circular movements exerting pressure with our fingers while we speak slowly to our dog with words of affection. We can also caress his back so that he relaxes his breathing and feels that closeness.

An exchange of emotions, since these therapeutic massage sessions will also serve to relax the owner.