What is the salary of national politicians?

When it comes to the salary that our democratic representatives receive, and especially as a result of the multiple corruption scandals perpetrated by them, a certain social debate is generated around whether they charge too much money. Although they receive amounts well above the average salary of our country, it is also fair to recognize that they handle responsibilities of some importance, and that even so earn significantly lower salaries than a large part of the managerial positions of large companies Spanish companies that are listed on the stock market and even foreign leaders.

Public salaries

There are politicians who, if they do not hold any public office, receive a salary from their party, as was the case with Pedro Sánchez before being President, who, having resigned his act as deputy, received 102,273 euros from the PSOE for his position as Secretary General. The deputies of Congress, with the latest increase of 1.75%, have started to collect 2,891 euros in 14 payments during the year as base salary, regardless of accommodation allowances. This amount varies depending on the body represented, for example between the autonomous regions. The President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Quim Torra, earns 166,929 euros per year for the position, almost double that of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, with 80,953.

The President of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Garrido, also receives more than the President of the country, with 103,090 euros per year. Lehendakari Íñigo Urkullu and his 99,470 euros a year and Javier Lambán, President of Aragon, with 82,602, complete the quartet of regional presidents who charge more than the Prime Minister. The last position of this classification is always for the Cantabrian president Miguel Ángel Revilla, with just over 61,641 euros per year, being the regional president with a lower salary.

Pedro Sánchez in the presentation of the electoral program of the PSOE

Party salaries

When we talk about parties and the salaries of those responsible, the Popular Party does not offer any figures in this regard. Neither to questions from journalists nor on any of its portals, the popular ones do not give clues about the salary of the positions of their party. In the Socialist Party they clarify that 5 of the 49 members of the Federal Executive have a salary. From 102,273 euros for the president of the party, Cristina Narbona, who charges the same as Sánchez when he was not President, to 94,147 for Santos Cerdán, Paco Salazar and Alfonso Rodríguez de Celis, or 74,695 for Francisco Polo.

From Podemos, only the Secretary of Organization Pablo Echenique receives a salary, to whom 43,340 euros were assigned in 12 payments when he resigned his act in the Cortes of Aragon to focus on the party. The rest of the positions of the formation, made up of 14 more members, do not receive anything from the party because they hold public office. Ciudadanos is the only training that admits to paying salaries to all members of its management despite having public salary. Albert Rivera, being the president of the orange formation, receives 2,000 euros per month, something to which must be added his salary as a deputy in Congress. The same case is that of José Manuel Villegas, secretary general, who apart from his public salary, the party pays him 1,200 euros per month for this position.

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