What is the price of medicines in Spain and other European countries?

The health copay Established a few years ago as an anti-crisis measure by the Popular Party in the Government, it increased the perception of many Spaniards, especially families and pensioners, that the prices of medicines had risen significantly in our country. Recently, the OECD released a report on the average prices of medicines in the European Union countries.

This report reveals that our country is currently the one with the lowest cost when buying medicines in pharmacy. This situation may be affected by the recent community regulation around generic prices.

The most economical

The OECD indicates that the sale price in Spanish pharmacies is 16% below the European average. If in December 2009 the average cost per prescription was 13.39 euros, currently this has dropped to 10.81 euros, almost 20% less than 10 years ago. From Farmaindustria they point out decisive factors such as the efficacy and effectiveness of current medications. Pharmaceutical spending per person in our country has also decreased due to the cost containment measures put in place after the crisis, being 25% lower than the European average.

Near Spain, among the countries with the lowest drugs on the continent are Portugal, France, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Our country is also the one that consumes annually less drugs, only behind Italy, although there they are more expensive.

The most expensive

On the other side of the coin we find the countries with the most expensive drugs, including Germany, Luxembourg, Ireland, Belgium and Finland. Especially striking in this section is the German case, since it has a large pharmaceutical industry and was the first European state to set prices by the Government, in 1989. In addition, brands also lower their price in order to adapt to the market, which makes the price of drugs in pharmacies more exceptional.

Austria and Greece are the two countries with a drug cost closest to the European average.