What is the most effective way to use hair straighteners

The hair straightener is an almost essential accessory for many women. It is a very useful item to show a different hairstyle in a short time, or to keep the most unruly hair at bay. Can be used in long hair, medium or short hair. However, sometimes the desired results are not obtained. With these tricks you will learn to give a better use your hair straightener.

Dry and detangled hair

One of the things you should know first is that although the hair straightener is an ally on many occasions, do not abuse it. Daily use can end up drying and dehydrating it.

Before applying this appliance hair must be dry, perfectly combed and detangled. If we use it on damp hair we will damage it more since in this condition it is more fragile. If when passing it we observe that steam comes out, it is that it is still wet and you will have to wait or use the dryer.

To further protect your hair, the ideal is that you have previously put on a heat protectant for hair. There are them in different formats or serum for hair is also valid.

The technique

Then you can go to the most effective technique to obtain the best result. This consists first of divide the hair well so that you can use the iron comfortably. You have to do it in not very large strands and move them aside and holding them as you go about treating them.

The first thing you have to do is hold the selected strand and go through the iron very slowly, so that you can see how it fulfills its function. You do not have to press or repeat the process several times, the trick is to do it as slowly as we can and only once, otherwise we will spoil the hair. The ideal temperature is one that oscillates between 180 and 200 degrees, and you will get the straightening you are looking for.

In the same way, you should try to keep the iron in good condition, cleaning it well at least once a week with a damp cotton ball on the plates. Always with the iron unplugged and cold. And finally, you should store it only when it no longer gives off heat, otherwise it can spoil.