What is the maximum age to drive a car in Spain?

Today it is not as rare as it was a few years ago. Especially caused as a result of the increase in life expectancy and a much higher age population pyramid, more and more older people are comfortable behind the wheel.

In Spain, the truth is that we cannot find any data related to the age limit to be able to drive. The DGT only stipulates the minimum age for obtaining a driving license. And it is because, by the nature that this action gives off, it is especially linked to the ability and to what is related to the technical capacities and motor skills of each person.

Nothing seems to indicate that, paying attention only to age, the correct behavior of a person behind the wheel can be guaranteed. Without incurring their abilities.

What is the maximum age to drive a car in Spain?  (pixabay) 1

Renewals every five years

The only law that deals with this situation is the one that is related to the renewal of the driving license. Regardless of age, it is the psychotechnical tests that demonstrate the ability to drive.

Although these renewals are given every 10 years from 18 to 65 years of age. It is when you are over 65 years old when you must appear in the organizations dedicated to this purpose, to confirm that you retain the necessary skills to be able to cope with the use of the car.

Is it necessary to toughen the psychotechnical tests?

It is a subject that raises some controversy, but the truth is that the data speaks for itself. Year after year, it is not motor vehicles that cause the most accidents on the road, rather, the main stakeholders are usually pedestrians, cyclists or the new forms of mobility that have appeared in recent months.

Those related to electric scooters, motor-driven single-wheel vehicles or, why not, electric bicycles, they are currently the main protagonists in a number that continues to rise year after year in relation to traffic accidents.