What is the mane in dogs? And it’s not the fur

The term mane refers to the presence of blood in the stool. As the veterinarians It is not a disease in itself, but it is an important warning that something is wrong with your pet’s body.

The canine mane it is easily recognizable if you know what it is about. It does not refer to the traces of blood that can appear in bowel movements and be due to any small wound in the anal tract. In this case, the fine threads of blood appear with their natural reddish color, and they are always something specific (they may have eaten a bone with a splinter, suffer occasional constipation …). The mane is characterized by presence of abnormally dark and thick blood in the stool, as if it were tar, also giving off a particularly intense and unpleasant odor. The reason for this abnormal color is that it is blood from some organ or body tissue that the animal has come to digest causing the oxidation of the hemoglobin itself.

Why can your dog suffer from this symptom?

If you suspect that your pet has mane in the stool, the visit to the vet should not wait, because it is essential find out where that blood comes from. The causes can be very diverse. A bleeding ulcer, the presence of a tumor, kidney damage, ingestion of a food or foreign body that is causing internal lacerations, infection in the respiratory tract or lungs (pneumonia), a blood clotting problem … nothing good.

If you detect mane, the vet will perform an in-depth examination that includes different diagnostic tests such as blood, urine and stool tests, X-rays or ultrasounds until the origin of the problem is found. Also, as a first step, you will probably proceed to try replace the body fluids that the animal may have lost. Keep in mind that abnormal and progressive elimination of blood ends up triggering anemia, So the initial treatment will tend to stabilize the dog’s body as a whole. The tests will be those that determine what ailment is causing the mane, as a preliminary step to treat the disease of origin.

With proper treatment, in most cases, the dog will recover in a few weeks or months. If your pet has mane, especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as decay, lack of appetite, vomiting … you know what to do.