What is the Cl @ ve system and what kind of steps can I do with it?

Cl @ ve is a access system to public services for citizens who intend unify the entrance to the different organisms. Its objective is to simplify this process, allowing access with a unique password to different procedures that we can carry out with town halls, communities or other services, such as those that you can manage with the Ministry of Finance (@Haciendagob) or Social Security (info_TGSS). Approved by the Council of Ministers in 2014, Cl @ ve helps the user and also the Public Administrations, by avoiding them having to implement and manage their own electronic signature accesses.

How does the Cl @ ve system work?

Access to this system is simple. It consists of a password associated with our ID, which will allow us to identify ourselves and access the different procedures. You only have to select the access with Cl @ ve when you see the icon, clicking on the padlock next to the symbol. In this way, the system will redirect you to a gateway where you will have to identify yourself with your pin, to have full access to all the procedures offered by the platform.

The Cl @ ve system may be temporary, when we talk about specific accesses to carry out a management that has a very limited validity, or permanent (although not undefined). With the permanent Cl @ ve system you have the added advantage that you will not need to remember several keys and passwords, with just one you will be able to access all the organizations.

The system can sometimes be completed with the electronic DNI and the Digital Certificate, an entry to all administrations from our computer even more advanced. To register you must previously request your accessEither in person at one of the administrations that work with the system or by means of an electronic certificate.

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What steps can I do with Cl @ ve?

Once you have obtained your registration in the system, there are many steps you can take with it. For example, you can check the balance of points on your driving license at the DGT Electronic Headquarters (@DGTes). On the other hand, the Cl @ ve system is very useful for managing with the Tax agency in Madrid (@madrid attributes), where it is necessary to make an appointment for any procedure or information. In addition, the technical support of the Tax Agency (@informaticaaeat) offers a lot of information about its use and other alternatives for Internet procedures with the administration.