What is the best way to wax my ears?

In most cases are the men those that have a few (or a few) hairs in the ears, and removing them for aesthetics, because they are annoying or because they can hinder correct hearing is an option that you can carry out in several ways each with its pros and cons.

It is important to bear in mind that the ear is a delicate area, especially its inner area and that, whichever method of hair removal you choose, safety must come first. Avoiding any small wound should be a priority objective.

Waxing your ears (Bigstokc)

Scissors, tweezers, wax … to remove hair from the ears

The hormonal changes that occur as maturity is reached are mainly responsible for the increased growth of hair in the earlobe and / or inside the ear. The methods to eliminate them are simple and you will have to choose the one that is most comfortable and safe for you.

  • Pair of scissors. Easy and painless, although with the scissors you do not remove the hair by the roots, you simply cut it. It can be a good option to easily get rid of the hairs that grow in the external area, because its use is strongly discouraged indoors. Always use small round-tipped scissors and do not insert it, under any circumstances, into the ear canal.
  • Depilatory creams. You can use a specific one for delicate areas. They work well and do not irritate the skin but, as with scissors, you should only apply it on the outside.
  • Wax. If you choose this option, It is preferable that you go to a hairdressing and beauty center and put yourself in the hands of professionals. Waxing, especially if it is hot, requires some technique and can be painful in an area as sensitive as the ear. Also, it is difficult to spread on such a small area. Of course, this method is not suitable for removing hairs that grow from inside the ear or around the pinna.
  • Tweezers. It is a good method, especially if the hairs to be removed are very few. Tweezers pull out hair by the roots, slowing its growth, but if you have a significant amount of hair, it could be a tedious, uncomfortable and quite painful task.
  • Electric shaver short hair function. For many, the best method: you have electric razors with a round head and blades specifically protected to avoid any cuts. They are usually valid, too, to cut hair that protrudes from the nose. On In a matter of minutes, you can remove hair from your ears comfortably, safely and effectively.
  • Pulsed light hair removal (IPL). If ear hair is a problem, you can also go to a beauty center that has the appropriate equipment to perform laser hair removal in this area. First you should check if in your case it is possible to do it.