What is the best time of day to do sports?

Playing sports is always good regardless of the time of day it is done, but once you do it well, it is worth seeing what advantages and disadvantages each time slot has. In order to decide which one best suits our rhythm and, above all, make the most informed decision possible.

Before deciding whether to opt for the morning or afternoon shift to exercise, we will have to take into account different aspects or circumstances. An element is ours circadian rhythm, that is, our own daily biological clock and controls all kinds of functions: when we are hungry, when we are tired, when we are most active. In this sense, surely you have heard people who say that when they get up in the morning they are capable of taking over the world and, on the other hand, at night they don’t have the courage to do anything, or vice versa. Therefore, it is good to try to adapt the schedule of our sports routine to the time of day when we are most active.

Another aspect that will undoubtedly mark when it is convenient for us to do sports will depend on the rest of the tasks or obligations that occupy our day so that exercise fits us. By the way, It is not advisable to do sports overwhelmed by having little time because then it is easy for it to become a stressful obligation which gives it many points that we will abandon it.

Finally, it can also be a variable when choosing the schedule which is the orObjective of our sports practice Thus, for example, if what we are looking for is to lose weight, experts recommend doing it better in the afternoons since we accelerate the metabolism again (at that time it usually decreases) with which we burn more calories. On the contrary, if we are interested in increasing muscle mass, usually in the case of men, studies suggest doing it first thing in the day.

That said, let’s see the advantages of doing sports in the morning or in the afternoon to be able to decide which one to opt for.

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Advantages of doing sports in the morning

  • If we carry out sports activity first thing in the morning, it is less likely that unforeseen events will arise that prevent us from carrying out the training, so more constancy and regularity are also achieved.
  • It is recommended that we do not do physical exercise in the hours close to meals, so the first hour of the day will be the most convenient.
  • Morning exercise gives us energy, activating the metabolism which helps us face the day with more energy and enthusiasm.

Advantages of doing sports in the afternoon

  • In the afternoons, body temperature and hormone levels reach a maximum level, so physically our body is at the best time to practice sports.
  • Also, it is more difficult to injure ourselves due to higher body temperature.
  • It allows us to free ourselves from the stress accumulated throughout the day, it allows us to end the day more relaxed.

And a positive point for both time slots is that Doing sports both first thing in the day and in the afternoon (4 or 5 hours before going to bed) can help improve our quality of sleep.or as the National Sleep Foundation.

Finally, what most experts agree on is that night is not a recommended time for sports since the adrenaline generated by exercise (which leads to increased heart rate) can cause insomnia because the body it takes time to regain calm. Of course, if what you want to do is stretching, yoga or relaxation exercises, doing it at night will not be a problem.