What is the best footwear to go to the beach?

With the sun’s rays, trips to the beach are becoming more and more common. We change our wardrobe, shoe rack and, on some occasions, our home to a cooler one. These changes also mean that we take into account things like choosing the most appropriate footwear. To minimize the risk there are these three options to go to the beach and not suffer in the attempt.

With the nakefit you won’t burn your feet

How many times have you walked away from the wet edge of the pool for fear of slipping? How many times have you run off the beach to avoid burning the soles of your feet? Days of these problems are numbered thanks to insoles that adhere to the sole of the foot known as Nakefit.

With them you can walk quietly on the beach because they are non-slip, waterproof and resistant to heat and cuts. They are very easy to put on and take off and, in addition, you can buy them to match your swimsuit as long as it is pink, blue or black. They are for single use to promote good hygiene. Of course, they are cool and you will not notice that you are wearing them. The best? They do not exceed 8 euros.

Quick dry slippers

The less time we have the wet foot, the better. Also, a wet shoe is uncomfortable for the foot, weighs more and can cause blisters to develop. The solution is to get a couple of breathable sneakers. They are sold with a honeycomb insole for greater comfort, non-slip sole, flexible and with drainage holes to drain the water. Conforms to the foot and slides with a touch of the heel; facilitating the exit.

They are perfect both to enjoy on the beach, the river, sailing or even taking walks along the seashore.


If you are one of those who prefers to do sports in the sea or walk on rocky beaches, you will need very stable footwear. In this sense booties are a suitable option because they fully tuck in the foot and provide greater support for riding on more elusive terrain. In addition, they have holes so that water does not accumulate inside, nor does sand.

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