What is the age limit to take a competitive examination?

Opposition is an increasingly popular way to get a steady job and secure an income for years. The body of the state administration is as large as it is varied, and to access it, very varied requirements are required, but always starting from a few basic ones.

The first of these is age, since You cannot apply for a place without having the minimum age required: 16 or 18 years old depending on the place. But is there a maximum age? To answer this question we need to differentiate the place to which the person wants to apply. On the one hand, we can differentiate the Administrative, Administrative, Justice and Finance positions for which the age limit will be the maximum age of forced retirement of 65 years.

If the position to which we want to apply belongs to any of these bodies (officials of the University Teaching Bodies, Magistrates, Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers of the Administration of Justice, and Property Registrars), in these cases the maximum age is 70 years.

State Security Corps

In the competitive examinations of State Security Forces and Bodies, it is more frequent to find a maximum age limit. This may be due to the fact that they are oppositions with physical tests, and therefore age is a requirement with greater weight than in other oppositions.
We see an example in the Troop and Seamanship oppositions, with a maximum age of 29 years.

National Police

Within the Spanish army, the non-commissioned officers have a particularity, that of establishing two maximum ages to appear: 20 years for applicants with a Baccalaureate degree, and 25 years for applicants with a specific higher technical degree.

But the army is not the only example. Other large national level competitions Such as those of the Civil Guard, they also have a very defined maximum age requirement: you can present yourself when you turn 18, but you cannot turn or have turned 41 in the same year of the call. In the case of the Ertzaintza, the maximum age is limited to 35 years.

Local competitions are a special case. Above all, in those of forces and bodies that depend on the autonomous communities: forestry, fire, local and regional police, etc. In most cases, the maximum age will coincide with the compulsory retirement age, but the different bodies that summon them have powers to decide where the requirement is established. We must attend to the specific bases in each case to make sure.