What is lagom? Decorative trend that will change your life

It is said that the lagom, more than a style, it is a way and philosophy of life inherent in the Swedes. A hallmark of Swedish culture that is based on the search for a middle ground and that, as was done with the hygge Danish, has moved into the world of decoration. Thus, when giving life to a home, all excesses are avoided and the balance and happiness.

If we do a translation, we can refer to the lagom as the «fair amount». By transferring that concept to our home we will have a comfortable environment, practical and worksl. All this seasoned with that decorative Nordic minimalism that bets on spacious, little overloaded and visually impeccable spaces.

Decoration based on lagom (bigstock)

Keys to having a home based on ‘lagom’

With a few simple changes in our house we can reflect what is known as swedish recipe for happiness in each of the corners of our home.

  • When it comes to searching harmony and balance, as is logical we must flee from an overloaded style tending to the baroque. Thus, the rooms must reflect that serenity, therefore, we must place the unique and essential furniture. It is no longer just to follow that maxim of «less is more», but to bet on timeless pieces that are practical for our daily lives.
  • A visual cleaning that is not only achieved with that minimalism in terms of decoration, but also in the use of a color palette. In Nordic decoration, gray is a must, but we can risk without problems adding some more tone such as white, black or even new warmer colors without being strident.
  • How do we decorate these spaces? The mixture of past and present It is what can best define the interior of these houses. These are modern spaces but we can also provide a different touch with pieces that breathe years and where, above all, a handcrafted character is reflected.
  • The respect of the Nordics is well known in everything that refers to natural spaces, conscious consumption, sustainability … And the decoration inspired by the lagom it was not going to be less. Thus, the use of natural materials, plants and objects to which we have given a second life is essential.
  • All in order. To comply with the precepts of the lagom you can’t breathe chaos, not even when it comes to tidying up your kitchen cabinets.