What is catnip for?

You have a cat at home or are you thinking of having it? It is true that it is one of the best animals for the elderly since they are quite independent, they can go out alone if at some point we cannot get them out and they are also more affectionate than we think. A cat is excellent company, but also needs your care, however independent it may be.

Apart from choosing a good diet for him and paying attention to it, there are some elements that can improve your cat’s life. For example, the catnip.

What is catnip and what is it for?

It is a plant similar to peppermint with a size that can reach 40 cm high and with a very intense smell that has a high exciting power in cats, as well as benefits on the digestive system. The scientific explanation lies in the animal’s response to the napetalactone molecule, with the power to activate the central nervous system and purge the stomach. Most cats are interested in the plant, rub against it and may even lick it.

Catnip It is used to stimulate the animal, arouse its interest and promote physical activity. Besides, also causes vomiting, something important to help you eliminate hairballs that you may have swallowed. It does not pose a risk to your health, even if you try to lick or eat it, there is no evidence that it can make you feel bad or it is toxic.

catnip for cats

However, you do have to watch their behavior in front of the plant since, in some cases, some cats can be aggressive by an excessive excitement or even entering a state of nerves such that it can cause an accident. If you notice that their behavior is almost desperate, you will have to get rid of the catnip. Also, if after meeting her is more nervous or restless than usual and it stays for a long time, reserve it only for very specific occasions. In any case, do not abuse it. As much as you may seem to like it, it is also not beneficial to have your central nervous system stimulated on a daily basis.

If your cat begins to vomit too often, consult your veterinarian to identify the causes and assess if the plant is doing him well, or you should find other methods for your animal to clean itself from the inside as well.