What is a Vichy shower? What can it bring you?

The Vichy shower is a hydrothermal technique which owes its name to its origin, in the French city of Vichy, known for its spas and for the quality of its thermal waters.

The National Association of Spas (ANBAL) explains that the Vichy shower consists of apply mineral-medicinal waters at a certain temperature and with a degree of pressure also specific according to the needs of the person receiving the treatment. It must be clarified that this shower can also be done with waters without specific properties, in which case it would also provide a great feeling of well-being, but the technique would lack the benefits provided by mineral-medicinal waters, which are applied in the treatments that are performed in spas.

What are the characteristics of a Vichy shower?

Either in a spa or in a spa that offers hydrotherapy treatments, the Vichy shower consists of lying down, usually face down, on a waterproofed stretcher to receive the water falling from a suspended horizontal shower and from which water steadily rises through the different conduits, which are usually between four and eight. These micro jets release the water in very fine threads (hence the Vichy shower is a type of filiform shower) that they run through the body from the nape to the tip of the feet.

The shower is relaxing thanks to the mechanical action that exerts the water when falling and that provides a gentle and constant massage. The temperature it also plays an important role. Generally, lukewarm water is used, although if you want to achieve a stimulating or invigorating effect, the Vichy shower with contrasts, in which hot and cold water alternates. The duration of this type of hydrotherapy treatment is usually between 8 and 10 minutes and admits different modalities that combine health and beauty.

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Modalities and benefits of the Vichy shower

It is common to take a shower of these characteristics accompanied by a Vichy massage. It is a deep massage, which will always be performed by specialized professionals, and which is especially effective when it comes to relieve muscle contractures and also accumulated tensions due to stress.

In addition, the Vichy shower can also be combined with aromatherapy, incorporating certain essential oils into the water, and with other aesthetic treatments such as seaweed wraps or clay body masks applied before showering.

In general, the Vichy shower has relaxing effects and can also give good results when it comes to alleviating pathologies related to the circulatory system, for example heavy legs, although if you suffer from a cardiovascular ailment, prior consultation with a specialist doctor is important .