What is a permanent pedicure?

We know the importance of going to the podiatrist regularly to keep our feet in good condition, but if you also like to have your nails painted, permanent pedicure can be a good option to show them off perfectly this summer. It stays intact for weeks and does not have to be touched up. We tell you what it consists of.

Permanent pedicure

Made always in a nail salon or beauty centerPermanent pedicure uses special polishes that last up to four weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow. They usually use the Shellac enamels (@shellac), although there are more and more brands that manufacture permanent or semi-permanent enamels. To fix them, a drying machine with led light is used, and the result is a very lively gel-effect nail polish, which is very nice.

What is a permanent pedicure session?

To get a nail polish that lasts almost a month you will have to spend a good time applying the permanent pedicure, such as minimum one hour. It is not an express treatment, but forgetting to do it again for weeks, it pays off. The first thing they will do in the nail salon is remove the polish you are wearing, and cut and file your nails to prepare them for polishing. If you choose one spa pedicure or a deeper treatment, they will also remove calluses with a file and apply an exfoliating product, to leave them soft and hydrated.

When it comes to glazing, first a protective product or base coat is applied, on which the chosen color is applied. Each of the layers is fixed with the drying lamp. Finally, a top coat is applied that protects the color and gives it the shine so characteristic of permanent pedicures.

How to remove permanent pedicure

Perhaps the most negative point of the permanent pedicure is that you cannot remove it at home with acetone, like traditional nail polishes, but you have to go back to the nail salon to get it done. There they will apply a product on the nail, which they will let act for a while, to be able to gently remove the enamel. If going to the same salon is not going well for you, almost all of them offer the permanent pedicure removal service, which usually costs around € 5-10.