What heater should I buy for my house?

Has your heater broken in the middle of winter and you have to buy one urgently? Take note of these tips to make your choice right.

A gas heater uses this type of energy to heat the water in the home, both for the shower and for heating in many cases. Therefore, choosing one that suits your needs is essential since there are some important factors to take into account.

  • Fuel: It is necessary to first know the type of fuel that our facility uses, such as butane, propane or natural gas.
  • Water consumption: According to the needs of our house, we will choose a heater of more or less liters that can vary between 5 or 20 liters per minute approximately. For your choice we must know how many hot water points we have at home, how many people live at home, the flow rate from the taps, as well as the distance from the taps to the heater.
  • Switched on: There are 4 great types on the market. Those of match or piezoelectric are of manual ignition and of flame. The difference is that in the first one we light the wick with a match and in the second it is lit with a button. In both cases, even if we are not consuming hot water, if we do not turn off the flame, a minimum of gas will continue to be consumed. On the other hand, the electric or the automatic ones hydrogenerator they are the best. The first only turns on when it detects that there is a demand for hot water and works with batteries or electric current, while the second turns on only with the force of the water thanks to a dynamo system that it incorporates.
How to choose a gas heater and where to install it (Bigstock)

There are heaters on the market that regulate the outlet temperature of the water. We are talking about thermostats, which avoid overheating, wasting water and therefore are more efficient.

Regarding the evacuation of harmful gases caused by the heater’s combustion, the new regulations require them to be watertight. It is a system that takes in the air from the outside and carries out combustion in a sealed chamber, which is why they are safer and less polluting.

In a society in which technology and innovation is practically incorporated in everything, in the heaters it was not going to be less and in this sense, there are already models on the market with Wi-Fi to be able to control them remotely from our mobile phones.

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