What happens to the car battery if it is not used in a month

The coronavirus pandemic has forced last March 14 the state of alarm was decreed and consequently we will soon comply one month of confinement without leaving our homes and, in many cases, without starting our car, something that can seriously harm your battery.

In fact, a vehicle, even if it is stopped, it does not stop consuming electricity, if it is modern because it needs to continuously feed the on-board computer with which they are equipped and if we talk about the oldest, not starting the engine in 15 days can cause its discharge and the inability to start.

Low battery

To avoid this, the ideal is start the car every ten days and drive a few kilometers, but if this were not possible, it would be enough to leave the engine running without driving the vehicle for 10-15 minutes each week If it is parked on the street, if it is in a garage or any other closed place, it is necessary to previously secure its ventilation to avoid dangerous accumulation of gases.

But probably the most practical and safe is disconnect the car battery. To do this, always with the engine off, with a key you have to always disconnect the negative terminal first of the battery marked with the symbol ‘-‘ and its cable is black while a ‘+’ is engraved on the positive and its cable is red. The positive terminal should never be disconnected first because the metal key could cause a short circuit. Then the operation will be repeated with the positive terminal and the battery is disconnected.

If it is not possible to adapt any of these precautions and the battery is drained, it is advisable to know that the insurance company assistance services can you assist us with the famous pliers and starters to put the vehicle back into operation.