What does pet insurance include? Could you use one?

According to a report prepared by the Insurance Business Association (UNESPA) insurance for pets is accounted for in Spain more than 16,000 incidents per year. Most of them are carried out by dogs (98.5%), although cats and other species can also be involved in the odd mishap that may have consequences for you.

Damage to public space (and furniture), material damage to other people’s property or, worse, some kind of physical injury to familiar or strangers are some of the more or less serious problems that a pet can cause, for which specific insurance can be a good help.

Is it mandatory to insure your pet? What coverage to hire?

Pet insurance has grown exponentially in our country. In this matter, a series of considerations must be clear:

  1. If you own a dog, a cat, a ferret or a turtle, you are responsible for the damages that your pet may cause to third partieswhether you have insurance or not.
  2. If your dog is included in the group of breeds considered dangerous, insurance is mandatory. If this is not the case, having your pet insured or not is optional.
  3. Maybe, if you have a home insuranceA, this includes certain coverages that affect your dog or cat that you may not know about.

There are different types of pet insurance with various prices and coverage that is convenient compare if you are interested in taking out a specific policy. In general, the main concern is have damage to third parties covered: economic repair of possible damages, for example if your dog (or cat) sneaks into the neighbor’s house and the brown mess or if, in your home or on his usual walk, he attacks and causes injury to another person or another animal.

Basic insurance

That is usually the basic insurance But the different companies offer the possibility of extending the insurance coverage as far as you want. If your pet is a pedigree dog, insuring it against the possibility of theft or loss is very common. In addition, pets are also a member of the family and you can make them an insurance that covers from the basic veterinary care, to any other need that you consider appropriate. You have insurance for dogs and cats that covers the costs of staying in a residence, medical tests that the animal may require or transportation to a veterinary center in case of emergency.