What do I do if I have a puncture in the wheel?

Spaniards spend 51 minutes a day at the wheel. More than 310 hours a year, which taken to days would mean that we are in the car for 13 days without interruption, traveling the roads that separate us from our job, town, supermarket, etc.

Some data that we know thanks to DriveSmart, the free app that analyzes how we drive to help us improve and certify that we are good drivers.

During all these hours, the risk of suffering a puncture in our wheel is increasing. A fact that most Spaniards face without having the knowledge or with it forgotten by years of little practice.

How to change a car wheel

The main advice is to take action the moment we detect a puncture in the tire. This can be seen because the wheel is very low in pressure, or when, no matter how much we inflate it, it deflates again in a very short time. And it is that, the greater the use of a flat tire, the more difficult it will be to fix. There are times when a puncture has no qualms, and at that moment the wheel will have to be changed, or both at the same time. The reason is that having an old tire next to a new one, the depth of the tread is different and this can be dangerous. The reasons for not repairing the wheel are usually that it has suffered a break in the sidewall, the puncture has been in the shoulder of the wheel (the area that joins the sidewall and the tread) or there is internal damage.

A puncture of the wheel It can only be repaired if the wheel has had a cut in the tread, or the sharp object (a nail or screw) has not left a large hole.

In this case, we can choose to change the wheel for the emergency tire and choose between two options: go to a professional or dare to fix the puncture ourselves. In the latter case we leave you here the steps using a repair kit:

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  • The first thing will be remove the wheel of our car to be able to inspect where the reason for the puncture is.
  • The main cause of this accident is usually the stab of a sharp object, a nail or screw.
  • In this case, we will use a screwdriver to make pressure or even loosen using the cross if it were a screw that is stuck in the tire.
  • Once outside, we will use the file tool to insert it completely and make the shape so that the patch can enter.
  • East patch it will have to be inserted as if it were a sewing needle. In the tool we will thread a vulcanized strip that we will introduce through the hole.
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  • Once done, with a turn 90º we will remove the tool, leaving a small part of the strip (the ends) outside the tire. These will flatten to the belt with the movement of the wheel.