What discounts do seniors who want to travel on the AVE have?

There is no doubt that the AVE (@Renfe) has been a revolution when deciding to travel using the ground transportation, especially to get closer to different places in the Iberian Peninsula and also embark on a long-haul international route.

Although the high-speed train project at affordable prices, called AVLO, is already underway, which is expected to offer really cheap rates to travel, for example, from Madrid to Barcelona in this same 2020; for now an AVE ticket still supposes a bigger budget, although it is true that they exist very diverse rates What to know if you want to travel more for less.

Reduced rates for seniors on the AVE

AVE fares

The high speed network is gone expanding in recent decades and now Madrid and Barcelona are connected with cities such as Malaga, Seville, Valencia, Alicante or Valladolid, and also with points of France like Paris, Marseille or Toulouse, from where it is possible to continue planning a train trip that allows you to get to know a good part of Europe.

The problem is that the prices are still quite high. To clarify with the rates that are currently available to us, RENFE details that in the AVE there are three classes from which to choose:

  • Tourist. The most basic and economical, but which includes all the comforts and services of the train and where you have places for travelers with reduced mobility.
  • Tourist Plus. Similar to the previous option, but with seats that have more space and no extra services.
  • Preferential. In addition to a larger seat, it includes amenities and details such as daily press, catering service, access to reserved rooms with leisure and reading opportunities, and, for example, your pet’s free trip.

It is impossible to talk about the specific price of the tickets because they vary not only taking into account the class in which you travel, but also the day and even the time in which the journey will take place. Even so, if you are interested in traveling by AVE you should bear in mind that there are numerous rates, whose analysis is worthwhile if you want to save a good amount of money, always depending on the date of the trip and the advance with which you have purchased the ticket.

As examples, there is the Promo ticket, that can suppose a discount of 40%; the rate 4TableIdeal if there are four of you traveling companions because it is an offer that reaches a 60% discount with respect to the general rate, as long as the seats are purchased together; or the Bird Bonus, which allows you to make 10 trips at a cheaper total price than if you bought the tickets one at a time for each occasion.

Discounts for older people to travel on the AVE

Are there discounts for seniors?

Not only on the AVE, the Gold Card that Renfe offers to people over 60 years old and for those who have a recognized disability of at least 33%, it implies having interesting advantages on most trains.

This card, which you can also get pensioners of Social Security over 18 years and who are in a situation of physical or mental disability, has a current price of six euros and a validity of one year. It can be used any day of the week and carries different discounts depending on dates, trains and routes.

On the AVE, and as a general rule, the reduction with respect to the general fare ranges from 40% if you travel from Monday to Thursday and the 25% if you want to move on Friday or weekend. It may also be interesting for you to know that on conventional medium-distance and commuter routes the discount is also 40% any day of the week. On Feve trains it reaches 50%.

It is important to clarify that, in most cases, Discounts are not cumulative. In addition, you also have special conditions regarding cancellation or changes of tickets. The card can be acquire in the same box office from the main stations and through some travel agencies. To obtain it, you will have to present the corresponding documentation that shows that you have the right to request it, if you are over 60 years old. the DNI is enough. You should have it on hand whenever you want to get a ticket and also during the journey.

Finally, remember that if a person has a disability equal to or greater than 65%, whoever travels with them, as a companion on the AVE, will have right to the same discounts than the cardholder. These are small details that should be taken into account so that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of a high-speed train trip at a cheaper price.