What can you do if you have a plague at home?

More than unpleasant, the presence in the house itself, in the common areas of a building inhabited by a neighborhood community, or in a nearby park, a plague of insects or perhaps something worse, a few families of rodents capable of transmitting different diseases, it is a question that should be fixed as soon as possible.

Ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites … they can reproduce very quickly and become a headache, almost without us noticing. Try to prevent this situation from occurring, applying simple preventive measures, and call, without hesitation, the specialized services in pest eradication, when necessary, are the two basic and indispensable actions to end this serious public health problem, to which due attention should be paid.


What you can do to avoid household pests

Maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness in the home is the simplest and most effective preventive measure, but it must be made clear that, sometimes, the “intruders” that nobody wants, manage to establish themselves in the domestic environment no matter how clean it is.

If you live in a rural area or surrounded by large green areas (gardens), some “little mouse” may be attracted by a rest of food temporarily deposited in the garbage (something absolutely normal).

Sometimes the problem is in a few old pipes and in drains that lack the necessary protection grids, perfect for cockroaches to find the ideal way to access the home.

The humidity is another factor that can favor the appearance of certain pests that are difficult to eliminate, therefore, extreme care in basements, under garages or any area where you know that the water may end up stagnating, is also an important prevention measure.

A wall that presents small cracks or a somewhat deteriorated wooden structure, they can become the perfect place for different insects to remain in the larval stage until the moment of their development arrives, giving shape, perhaps, to a plague of termites or bedbugs while you wonder where they have come from. stepped out.

Route of entry for unappetizing parasites, such as fleas or ticks, may also be our own pet. Hence the importance of carrying out the necessary deworming and also resorting to collars and pipettes that prevent these “bugs” from accessing our dog or cat and, with their collaboration, entering “through the door.”

plague mice

In summary, as basic preventive measures to avoid the appearance of pests, both in your home and on public roads, the Municipal Zoosanitary Center of Seville (@Ayto_Sevilla) recommends:

  • Keep the clean and tidy housea (without forgetting the proper treatment of mattresses, sofas, carpets … favorite places for some species such as bed bugs and mites).
  • Cover cracks and crevices in walls, floors or door and window frames.
  • Always keep food in closed containers.
  • Place screens on bathroom pipes and in vents to prevent access by arthropods and rodents.
  • Check the heat sources and possible water deposits (heaters, radiators, motors of appliances such as refrigerators …).
  • Exercise extreme caution with domestic trash, avoiding its accumulation inside the home and depositing it in the corresponding container on the public highway with the necessary regularity.
pests heat sources

I have a plague, what do I do?

Probably if you have seen around your house a cockroach, mouse or simply more mosquitoes (in summer) than could be considered normal, you have resorted to trying to eliminate them on your own. The classic insecticide sprays, or those that are presented in gel format (they act in such a way that the insect takes a portion, takes it to its nest and ends up poisoning the entire colony), are effective in relatively common situations, but they do not work when we talk about a plague. Also bear in mind that some of the products used for the eradication of these animals can be toxic and dangerous for other species of fauna and flora and also for human beings (especially those destined for deratization).

If you think that the “invasion” that is taking place in your home is out of control, it is essential to contact a specialized company that can end the plague or the municipal services, who also take care of these tasks. Returning to your home the basic conditions that guarantee the health of its inhabitants is a priority.

At the municipal level, each city council is governed by its own regulations and offers various services. In general, all make available to citizens the possibility of quickly communicate any incident related to the presence of vectors (rats, cockroaches …) on the road or public spaces. The Madrid City Council (@MADRID) explains that the notice can be given by phone (010), in person or online and that it will be attended in a term not exceeding 24 hours.

Although the plague only affects your home (supposedly), it is worth consulting with the services in charge of solving these situations in your town hall before hiring a private company to put an end to the problem. For example, it may be that the excessive presence of cockroaches in your home is due to an anomalous and generalized situation of the sewage. It is important to detect the origin of the problem to find the best solution taking into account all possible options (public and private).

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