What are toners and in what type of printers are they used?

Toners are the devices that printers use To be for printing on paper. Although ink printers use cartridges, these other models need this variety. The printing method used in both cases is different, presenting advantages or disadvantages depending on the case.

Powder pigments

What a toner does is transfer a powder that you have inside with the pigments, on the back, to the paper through a series of electrical discharges. This powder content is what causes some manufacturers to advise us to move the toner vertically and horizontally before using it, so that it does not get caked and the printing responds to the desired quality.

Electric charges are those that allow images and text to be located at a specific point on the page. Dust particles by the action of heat generated by electricity and hot rollers, they remain impregnated in the paper.

In ink printers the operation is different. The color is found in a liquid solution which is the one that is released through a nozzle that the cartridges have and that is expelled by the movement of the print head of the machine.

How to choose the printer that best suits my needs

Cost effectiveness

Toners tend to be cheaper in the long run if a large number of prints are made. They are actually more expensive in terms of price, but they pay off as they also tend to last longer than ink cartridges.

The print quality is very good, in addition to supporting prints of different sizes and formats. In general, laser printers are also faster. For all these characteristics They are usually the most used option in companies.

For the home it is more advisable to have a black and white only laser printer, if not we will need to make color prints. This is so because color laser machines are usually quite large, since they need, in addition to the toner for black, one for each tonality, that is, a minimum of three more to cover: cyan, magenta and yellow. In the end, the cost is very high in the case of color if the impressions are not going to be frequent, because the price of toner is higher than that of cartridges, and we may not make it profitable in the end.