What are the Spanish cities with the most churches?

It is known to all that the long Catholic tradition of our country makes it host in its towns and cities an enormous number of Christian religious temples. Churches are the main meeting place and Catholic festivities in Spain, but the architectural wealth Many of these buildings transcend the religious aspect and constitute a great tourist attraction.

Although it seems normal to us that Rome is the city ​​with the most churches in the worldIn Spain, some of the cities that have more temples will not surprise you if we follow the topics of our popular culture, while others are less expected. Here are the cities with the most churches in Spain.

1. Seville

The Andalusian capital is the city with the most parishes in Spain and the second with the most Catholic churches in the world only behind Rome. Seville has no less than 125 Catholic temples, among which we can count its Cathedral, the largest in the world, and other popular churches such as the Basilica de la Macarena in the neighborhood of the same name on Calle Resolana, the Basilica del Gran Poder. in the San Lorenzo neighborhood, the Capilla de los Marineros in Triana, the Church of Salvador in Alfalfa or the Church of San Luis de los Franceses, a real gem on Calle San Luis between La Macarena and Calle Feria.

Church and Plaza del Salvador in Seville

2. Madrid

The capital of Spain has 84 religious temples and, although its percentage per inhabitant is not high at all, only due to the enormous volume and dimensions of the city make it the second Spanish city with the most parishes. Among the most striking, the Basilica of San Francisco el Grande in the Centro district, the Hermitage of San Antonio de la Florida in Moncloa-Aravaca or the Basilica of San Miguel a few minutes walk from the Plaza Mayor.

Basilica of San Miguel in Madrid

3. Valladolid

Valladolid is the third city with the most churches in Spain, counting 57 Catholic churches. Despite not being among the largest in the country, the catholic tradition in Castile and the importance of Valladolid in certain periods of the growth history of Catholicism place it above much larger cities such as Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Malaga. Among the most prominent are the Church of San Pablo in the heart of the city.

Church of San Agustín in Valladolid

Antequera case

The most special case in this section is that of the Malaga city of Antequera, What is it per inhabitant the one with the most Christian temples throughout Spain, since it has 33 churches for its 41,000 inhabitants, a proportional record in our country and in almost all of Europe.

Main facade of the Santa María la Mayor Church in Antequera