What are the requirements to be able to rent a coach …

A greater freedom when traveling, feel that you are at home or take cheap trips. These are some of the arguments used by the supporters of the motorhome as one more way of doing tourism. However, a number of factors must be taken into account before reserving a vehicle of this size and getting behind the wheel.

What do I need to rent a motorhome?

  • The main requirement, and essential, is that both the main driver that appears in the rental contract and the case of secondary drivers are at least 23 years old –The age range varies between 25 and 27 years according to commercial houses– and to be at the disposal of the B1 driving license with an antiquity of at least 2 years. This for models of a maximum of 3,500 kilos and 8 meters length in the European case. If the vehicle were of larger dimensions, in that case a type C license is required to be able to rent and drive it.
  • Provide a photocopy of each of the driving licenses in addition to showing the original to corroborate that all the information provided is true.

Driving license required to rent a motorhome (Pixabay)

  • Compliance with timely legal provisions –By the person responsible for said lease– in all matters concerning traffic regulations.
  • In addition, you must respect another series of obligations such as not smoking inside the vehicle, not allowing loose animals to travel inside, as well as respecting the maximum speed signs set in this case: 120 km / hour on motorways and expressways and 90 km / hour on conventional roads in the case of motorhomes of no more than 3,500 kg, according to the latest regulatory change.
  • Compliance with a series of provisions relating to the proper use of the motorhome. A vehicle that must be returned in the same cleaning and maintenance conditions. For this reason, establishments usually charge a deposit in advance that is returned at the end of the trip and when verifying that the caravan has no damage.

Tips for renting and traveling in a motorhome

Thus, once we have fulfilled all these previous premises and reviewed all the equipment that appears in our rental contract, we can move with the motorhome without any problem. But since it is a large vehicle, a prior contact is necessary before setting out on the road.

A) Yes, review it carefully and practice several times somewhere wide and secluded where you can maneuver safely. Think that it is not your usual car, so when parking it, for example, take into account the space you will need in addition to monitoring the height. This, of course, if you do not have experience with these vehicles.

In addition, before embarking on the trip you must make sure of the places where parking is allowed a motorhome. Many of the authorized places have – upon payment – a space to spend the night or several days, recharge the electricity, fill it with fuel, remove waste and use common spaces.