What are the oldest soccer teams in Spain?

Although the origin of football must be found in the British Isles, there is no doubt that when it arrived in Spain it took very little time to become popular. The english emigrants They introduced it to our country and it spread in such a way that nowadays it is not only the “king of sport”, but it also sells more newspapers than any other current issue.

The real Madrid (@Real Madrid), FCBarcelona 8 (@FCBarcelona_es) or Atlético de Madrid (@Athletics) are some of the most popular teams and that more trophies have managed to raise something of their existence -all of them with more than a century of history-. But are they the oldest teams in Spain? Although they are centenarians, the honor to the oldest team in our country falls to Recreativo de Huelva (@official recreation), dean of our football.

Royal Recreational Club of Huelva – 1889

The practice of soccer reached the Iberian Peninsula from the south, specifically through Huelva, where the Rio Tinto mines, managed by English. For that reason the dean of Spanish football is Recre, which currently plays in Second Division B.

Shield of Recreativo de Huelva
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Athletic Club – 1898

The second position falls on the “lions” of Bilbao (@AthleticClub), one of the most legendary clubs in our country and together with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​the only one that He has played all the campaigns in the First Division since the creation of the League. Athletic was the first champion of the Spanish Championship-His Majesty the King’s Cup.

Football Club Barcelona – 1899

At the urging of the Swiss Hans gamper The Barça club was formed, currently a sports society that has its highest representative on the football team, given the successes achieved throughout its history. Is the current league champion.

Royal Spanish Sports Club – 1900

A year after its great rival, the “perico” team was created (@RCDEspanyol), with the aim that spanish players (who were not accepted in other clubs) had a team to play for.

Real Madrid Football Club – 1902

The “merengue” team arose from the union of several Madrid teams and was one of the great promoters of football in the capital. It is currently the club with the most League titles and most Champions League titles and was declared the best team of the 20th century according to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics.

Di Stéfano celebrates a goal with Real Madrid

Other clubs

In addition to these five soccer clubs, there has been some controversy surrounding two other teams. On the one hand the Sevilla FC (@SevillaFC) whose centenary was celebrated in 2005, but some point out that it was created in 1890. Although in that case the team disappeared in 1893. And on the other hand, the Palamos, created in 1898 but re-founded in 1954.

Likewise, it should be remembered that before those mentioned, there were other clubs that ended up disappearing in those early years of football in Spain: Exiles Cable Club de Vigo (1873), Rio Tinto Foot-Ball Club (1878) or Cricket and Foot-Ball Club (1879), to give a few examples.