What are the oldest newspapers in Spain?

Between spanish press we can find newspapers of a great journey, which in recent centuries have told the history of our country every day. Although the ways of reaching people and even the formats have changed over time, and despite the declines in sales in recent years and the continuous warnings of the disappearance of paper, the press continues to be published on paper and in Spain there are still centenary newspapers that each morning give their vision of the events that take place in our country and the rest of the world.

The first and oldest paper edition in our country, and until 2009, the year in which it was published only on the internet, was La Gaceta, which began to do so in 1661, and which we also know as State official newsletter. We see the oldest newspapers in the history of Spain.

Reading the newspaper

Barcelona Diary, 1792

El Diario de Barcelona was a newspaper founded in 1792 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. With some interruptions, it was published on paper until 1994 and in digital format until 2009, which made it one of the oldest newspapers in Europe. It has been called the most important newspaper in the history of Barcelona, ​​or the first real chronicle of Barcelona.

Vigo Lighthouse, 1853

The Vigo lighthouse It was first published on November 3, 1853 on a small typewriter by its founder, Angel de Lema and Marina, on Calle Olivo de Vigo, with the idea of ​​»helping the interests of Galicia». Its headquarters are in Chapela, Redondela, Galicia, and it is the oldest newspaper in Spain still published.

The North of Castile, 1854

The North of Castile It is based in Valladolid. After Faro de Vigo, which was founded in 1853, El Norte de Castilla is the oldest in Spain still in circulation. The main edition is published in Valladolid, but editions are published for Palencia, Salamanca and Segovia. The newspaper is considered the most influential in Castilla.

The Provinces, 1866

The Provinces it was published for the first time in January 1886. The newspaper is part of the Vocento Group and is published by Federico Domenech SA. The newspaper has its headquarters in Valencia and six other local editions published in La Ribera, Camp de Morvedre, La Costera, La Safor, La Marina and Castellón.

Cádiz Diary, 1867

Cádiz newspaper He is currently the dean of the Andalusian press and was born on June 16, 1867 from the hand of the editor Federico Joly Velasco, the first of a family saga that this newspaper has maintained to this day.