What are the negative effects of household appliances for the health of the elderly

The first fully functional refrigerator dates from the year 1876, although there were previous hints in the same century. In 1920, the first models emerged as we know it today, although at the beginning it gave some problems until finally it came to the manufacture of already consolidated refrigerators. Your discovery as well as other household appliances have meant important advances for humanity and have made life easier. Now, these devices that provide us with well-being, on the one hand, have other elements that it is necessary to know.

Electromagnetic fields

One of the main characteristics of household appliances is that to function as we already know they need electricity. Electric fields originate from differences in voltages, so the higher these are, the stronger they will be. So that magnetic fields originate from electric currents and a stronger current results in a stronger field.

In nature we are surrounded by electromagnetic fields. When it occurs a storm there is accumulation of electrical charges, for example. In addition, «the Earth’s magnetic field causes the compass needles to be oriented in a North-South direction and birds and fish use it to orient themselves,» they report from the who.

In the same way, man also generates them artificially. The electricity that comes from any outlet contains low frequency electromagnetic fields. At the same time, various types of higher frequency radio waves are used to transmit information, through television antennas, radio stations or mobile phone stations.

Antennas and electromagnetic fields

When we plug a cable into any outlet Electric fields are generated in the air and they surround the device. Obviously, the more voltage the device has, the greater the electric field produced. Similarly, it must be clarified that although the device is not in operation, it does not mean that the electric field in its environment disappears.

Magnetic and electric fields coexist around this type of device: the higher the current, the more intense the magnetic field will have. Although the transmission and distribution of electricity is done at high voltage, however we use low voltages at home. These vary from day to day and the current of the transmission lines is subject to the electricity consumption consumed each day.

When we unplug a device electric fields that surround the cable disappear, but this will not happen with those that are located inside the wall and that feed the plug.

Health problems?

Above certain thresholds, electromagnetic fields can cause certain health problems. However, several investigations have shown that short-term exposure based on levels in the environment or at home, «Does not produce any manifest harmful effects», they explain from the Univsersitat de les Illes Balears.

In the case of having Higher exposures could have harmful effects on health. In fact, what is now being discussed in the scientific field is that whether being exposed to these levels in the long term, even if they are low, may or may not influence well-being.

At the same time from the WHO, they make qualifications. With regard to electrical appliances, it is pertinent to clarify that field strength does not depend on size, complexity, power, or noise what the machine does. These intensities tend to vary greatly even in very similar devices. Some hair dryers generate very intense fields, while others barely produce any magnetic field and this is something that has to do with it. with the design of the product layout.

Thus, the exposure levels vary depending on the model and brand as well as the the distance at which we stand from the device. The latter is so because the intensity of the magnetic field of all devices decreases as we move away from them. “At a distance of 30 cm, the magnetic fields generated by most electrical appliances are more than 100 times less than the recommended limit established for the entire population, that is, 100 µT (microtesla) at 50 Hz, or 83 µT at 60 Hz ”.

Various public authorities have developed studies to analyze the levels of these electromagnetic fields in our daily environment. None of them have come to the determination that produce harmful effects for the health of people of any age, whether they are young, old or old, since the exposure is “extremely low”.

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Positive aspects

Household appliances are therefore safe devices according to experts and if we do not subject ourselves to electromagnetic fields that exceed the threshold of danger, we must assess its positive aspects they also have them.

From the fridge we can say that it is food safety element that helps to keep food in good condition. The washing machine has allowed us to stop washing clothes by hand, save water and also in some we can find programs for people with allergies. Dishwashers too allow you to use less water and kill bacteria more effectively. With the oven we can prepare healthier dishes as with microwaves, and these also allow us to save light. Extraction campaigns are also a great invention because they keep the home air clean and eliminate bad odors.

Regarding devices from new technologies such as mobile phones or computers, add that they have facilitated communications as well as the way of working, increasing people’s quality of life.

In general, what experts recommend to increase safety and health regarding these devices, is to make good use of them. It is important to always keep them in good condition and before buying them look at their specifications and characteristics.