What are the most listened to radio programs in Spain?

A recently published new General Media Study, which with regard to radio audiences leaves positive results for the majority of stations. In general terms, Cadena SER continues to be the most listened to radio station in Spain, with 3,987,000 daily listeners. More and more close to PRISA radio is COPE, which with 3,303,000 listeners significantly shortens the distance between the two. Onda Cero with 2,005,000 ranks third and Radio Nacional de España with 1,389,000 ranks fourth.

Morning news

One of the fiercest struggles in terms of radio audiences is lived every morning with the main news programs of the networks. Pepa Bueno and her Day by day They continue as the most listened to program with 2,640,000 in the mornings, despite having dropped more than 3% compared to the previous EGM. The great leap is made by COPE with Carlos Herrera placeholder image, which with 2,492,000 listeners reaches its historical record and is already on the heels of the SER program. Carlos Alsina also scores an important rise with More than one and goes to 1,321,000 listeners, 18.7% more. Also goes up The mornings of RNE that with 1,072,000 listeners grew 17.8%.

Evenings and nights

In the afternoons the generalized inertias continue although in a less evident way. Carles Francino in the SER rises to 809,000 with Window and continues as the most listened to option. Onda Cero is the one who is in second position with Julia Otero and her Julia on the Wave, which registers 591,000 listeners and rises more than 18%. Third appears COPE’s afternoon with its 459,000. The Afternoons of Citizen García Radio Nacional is fourth but with a strong rise of more than 41% and reaches 339,000 listeners.

At night it’s Angels Barceló and his Hour 25 of the SER who commands with 971.00 listeners, which is 3.1% less than in the previous wave. In second position appears Flashlight of COPE with 881,000 listeners and a rise of 21.2%. In third position is The compass Onda Cero with 362,000 listeners and 7.1% more audience. 24 hours of RNE with 313,000 and 3.1% more is fourth.

Sports Radio

The battle between the programs that broadcast the league day also responds to the general terms of the chains, and Game time COPE becomes the most listened to of the weekend with 1,490,000 on Saturday and 1,710,000 on Sunday. Thus snatch the first place to Sports Carousel de la SER, which drops to 1,476,000 on Saturday and continues to lead by the minimum on Sunday, with 1,715,000 listeners. This results in the COPE program adding more listeners than SER’s for the first time in more than two decades.

At night the trend continues, and although The spar of the SER is the most listened to with 771,000 listeners, it registers its historical minimum. Quite the opposite occurs with The Partidazo of COPE, the program presented by Juanma Castaño rises to 661,000 listeners and is closer than ever to The spar. José Ramón de la Morena and The Transistor Onda Cero had 313,000 listeners, 100,000 less than in the previous wave.