What are the most common names and surnames?

The National Institute of Statistics Every year it prepares the report with the most frequent names and surnames throughout the national territory. The classics Fernández, Gómez or García are always in the top positions… Were these the ones that dominated the ranking last year?

García, Rodríguez, González, the most common surnames

Indeed, García, Rodríguez and González they have risen to the top positions in the ranking prepared by the INE in this latest edition. With 31.5%, 19.9% ​​and 19.9%, these three surnames continue to rise no matter how long.

They complete the Top-10 the following:

  • Fernández (19.7%)
  • López (18.7%)
  • Martinez (17.9%)
  • Sánchez (17.5%)
  • Pérez (16.7%)
  • Gomez (10.5%)
  • Martin (10.5%)

If we stop to look by provinces, we can see how García is the last name that we can find the most throughout the entire Spanish territory, with a presence in up to 33 of the 50 provinces that make up our country. The Rodríguez family dominate a total of 4 provinces, while the Martinez we find them as more common in up to 3 Spanish provinces.

And what about the names?

If we refer to names, we find first to Antonio, with a presence of 30 men out of every 1,000. José is in second place, with 26 times for every thousand men. While, completing the podium, we can find up to 600,327 people called Manuel within our country. Which translates into approximately 26 people out of every 1,000.

In the case of women, the most used name is María del Carmen, present 27.8 times per 1,000 women. Very often we find María, with 25.9 per 1,000. And, in third place, Carmen, with 16’8 per thousand.

As we have seen, Spain is still a country in which the classic is in fashion.