What are the latest trends in decoration in 2019?

You’re thinking about change your home decor? Or do you just love to decorate and want to know the latest trends? Do not forget that when we enter a private house, the interior decoration transmits some sensations or others, the pleasure or chaos of a home according to its lighting, the choice of colors, materials, etc.

Take note because we show you what styles rule and what decorative elements are being imposed.


When choosing the color combination you should think about what you want to convey and what type of activities you do in the room you are going to paint. According Pantone (@pantone), the company in charge of choosing the most cutting-edge color ranges of the moment, this year the star colors to decorate the interior of your home will be pungent red, apricots and strawberries, deep purple, green and pink, gold, caviar black, swan white or flannel gray.

Although, without a doubt, the color of the year is Living coral or living coral, based on marine nature. It is a shade of orange-pink, which is part of Pantone 16-1546. Ideal for floors, carpets, decorative elements, walls, furniture and even exteriors. An advice? Combine coral with wood or yellow tones, in summer, and they will fill your home with energy.

In this sense, white will cease to have the prominence that it has had until now, although, combined with other darker tones, it will always provide freshness and spaciousness.

Interior decorated in coral color, trend 2019 (bigstock)

The 50s are back

In terms of decoration, the 50s were very glamorous. Simple furniture was mixed with colorful patterns. The canopy beds were the protagonists in the tents and everything had a certain air vintage. And, if you don’t have a bakelite phone in your house do not delay in getting one because they are sweeping this season. And if you never threw it away, it turns out that now having them is being «up to date.»

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Still have a lot of strength wood, natural stone, cement and fair-faced concrete; both on the floor and on the walls and terrazzo in all its versions.

When choosing the table linen for our home, we will put cotton aside, to make way for linen. As for the cutlery, the bronze and copper tones are combined. Wood also has a version in tableware and in a special way because the grain that compose it makes each plate different. Of course, the classic is always tradition and you will see a lot of glass staining on the table in glasses and plates.

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