What are the differences between spices and aromatic herbs?

An aromatic herb is not the same as a spice, although they may seem similar. The first refer to those wild herbs that grow or are cultivated to give flavor to our cuisine and that come from the sheets or branches of plants; while in the case of spices they are condiments for the same purpose but are obtained from stems, roots or seeds. Such was the difficulty of the extraction of the latter that even in Antiquity they came to be used replacing gold as a currency as a symbol of their appreciated value.

Differences between aromatic herbs and spices (bigstock)

Essential herbs in your kitchen

Any self-respecting recipe must have its special point, which in most cases gives it a handful of spices or a few sprigs of aromatic herbs. Thus, in your pantry you can not miss these essential varieties of herbs.

  • If you want to try your luck with Italian cuisine, don’t forget some good leaves basil fresh to make a delicious pesto for your pasta dish. And if you want to encourage yourself to make a pizza, always keep in mind the oregano.
  • Dill and fennel they are similar and good companions to a delicious baked fish.
  • The laurel It never fails in any Spanish cuisine and is one of the key ingredients for stews and stews. And the same is parsley, the herb most appreciated by the odd funny cook on our television. If yours is the hake in green sauce, parsley is king.

A pinch of spices …

And in the spices section, in your shopping list it has to appear:

  • Saffron, the prized spice to give color and flavor to a rich paella.
  • If you want to make the perfect rice pudding recipe, you can’t miss a spice like cinnamon that wraps you in the memories of your childhood cookies and cakes.
  • Cumin to season meat and fish and as an accompaniment to a good pot of legumes.
  • One cannot go to Extremadura and not try, and buy, the wonderful red gold from the region of La Vera, paprika. Sweet, spicy or smoky. For all tastes since the same is seasoned with some delicious potatoes with chorizo ​​that serves as a wonderful brooch for a cooked octopus tapa.