What are the dangers of plastic balloons

Plastic balloons have always been synonymous with joy, party and celebration, as they constitute one of the essential decorative elements in this type of event. However, for some years now, many organizations and platforms have warn about the danger of these products not only for the environment, but also for the smallest of the house, who they tend to be very attracted to them without really knowing the risks involved.

Thus, behind this ability to fly, their striking colors or the various forms they can take, plastic balloons have seen their sales reduced due to this alarm is not unfounded. In fact, there are already several cases of children who have suffered health problems due to this festive object. Obviously, responsibility rests with adultsThat is why it is important to fully understand your risks.

It can get trapped in your airways

Plastic balloons, especially if they are punctured or deflated, are one of the possible causes of choking in children, due to its flexible shape and its proximity to the child’s mouth. “You must be very careful with balloons and balloon pieces, they should not be put in your mouth because can obstruct the airway. […] All toys must be appropriate for their age and be approved, do not let them play with plastic bags or balloons “, says the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (@aepediatrics) in one of your reports.

Although it may seem somewhat exaggerated, the truth is that the latex from which the balloons are made it can also stick to the throat of the child, thus blocking the air intake and motivating his suffocation. Therefore, keep this product away from your grandchildren, do not let them inflate them without your supervision and if it explodes, collect all the pieces to avoid taking them and putting them in their mouths.

Plastic balloons

And how do they affect the environment?

Unfortunately, children are not the only ones affected in this regard. Surely you have ever let a balloon escape, which causes fly uncontrollably across the sky. However, a picture as idyllic as this ends with the environmental pollution and, what is worse, the death of fauna. Like the plastic waste that pollutes the planet’s waters, the pieces of the balloons that finally deflate in the air contribute to this pollution.

Despite latex balloons are biodegradableSince they are made with the sap of the rubber tree, the danger lies in the synthetic products that they also include, such as the ink that gives them color. What’s more, animals can mistake them for food, also motivating his suffocation.