What are the best dog breeds for seniors

You may be thinking of cheering up and having a pet with you. If so, and specifically what you want is a dog, you should know that experts recommend a number of breeds for the elderly. However, the most important thing in the end is that you choose the one that you like the most and with which you think you will feel more comfortable. You should take into account the lifestyle you have or where you live. Then you have to think about the needs of the dog, walks, cleaning and in your own health. Therefore, in general, small, affectionate breeds that are easy to handle are recommended in their daily care.

Yorkshire terrier

This breed comes from Scottish and England terrier cross. Its size is small and usually weighs between 1.5 and 3 kg. Its hair is straight and its legs are small and hairy. They are friendly dogs that admit any kind of person, and at the same time they are tenacious and show courage. They do like to be the center of attention, but at the same time they are overprotective.


Poodles are very cheerful, they love to play and they are also fun. The advantage they have is that they are easy to train since they are usually receptive. They are also methodical and energetic.

They come in different sizes. The largest ones usually have a height at the withers of 45 to 60 cm, but there are dwarfs (with a height at the withers between 28 and 35 cm) or toy that have a height of less than 28 cm.


French bulldog

Although his peculiar face with a broad head and erect ears that seem to be always alert, can mislead the truth is that this type of bulldog from France is very sociable. It is characterized by being very sweet, since it only looks for affection and he loves to let himself be loved. Live well with other pets and in general it’s very sweet. It usually weighs between 8 and 14 kilos.


Is he smallest dog in the world (They measure between 15 and 9 cm) and originally from Mexico, in addition to being one of the oldest breeds in the American continent. He always seems to be alert and is smart. He is very devoted and is characterized by having a very strong personality. They are considered an excellent companion animal.


It is known as pug, pug or pug. It comes from China, albeit sponsored by the United Kingdom. These massive, square-looking, broad dogs well proportioned and muscularThey measure between 30 and 36 cm, and their weight ranges between 5 and 14 kilos approximately. Pugs have a playful character and they like to interact with humans. However, they are suspicious of strangers so they can bark if they notice the presence of people they do not know. They are not watchdogs, but yes they can alert us. Sometimes they are a bit stubborn.