What are the best apps to read the horoscope?

There is no scientific evidence that the predictions astrology makes are true. Moreover, in the event that a complete birth chart it would be very different in its conception from the horoscopes that we can read on multiple platforms every day. And yet, despite knowing all that, most people like know your «future» and read in a few lines what they are told about what the day, the month or even the year will bring them.

At the end of the day, it is not something new, but this eagerness to know what destiny has in store for us accompanies us. since the dawn of mankind. In fact, to find the origin of your horoscope you have to travel to the Greco-Latin culture and his observation of the stars and constellations. Of course, those who gave their names to Aries, Taurus, Virgo and others in turn were inspired by even older practices that were carried out in time of the Sumerians. It is believed that back in the year 6000 BC they were already observing the signs they saw in heaven.

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Reading the horoscope

Going back to more current times, any reader has taken a look at the prediction of his sign in newspapers, magazines and even in the old Teletext. Now you can do the same by connecting to the Internet, but if you want to be as up-to-date as possible, all you have to do is download one of the different applications there is and install it on your mobile. Here are the most popular ones.

Your Daily Horoscope

As its name suggests, this app allows you to check your horoscope of the day in a simple and fast way. In this sense, it will offer you information on such recurring topics as love, health, money and work. Likewise, it is able to offer you the prediction without you having an internet connection, while it reveals what your lucky number and color is each day.

Astroguide – Today’s Horoscope 2020 & Free Tarot

This application promise to discover you what the future holds for you in 2020 every day with free predictions. It tells you what you need to know about love, sensuality, money, work and health, and allows you to consult the one for the day. To this he adds that he seeks the love compatibility among the signs of the zodiac, who makes free consultations and tarot runs, and who gives fun information.

Zodiac Horoscope – Daily Tips + Future

Also free, this app It provides the horoscope for today or tomorrow and even that of the week and the month. In addition, it makes it easy to check the compatibility with other signs with a simple report, looking for matches with your loved ones; and it sends you daily notifications so you don’t forget to check your prediction.

My horoscope

On this case you may share with friends and family the information of any day. And apart from the daily predictions, it can offer you one for the whole year, so that you know what the most important points are for 2020.

Zodiac - Horoscope

My Horoscope for the Day

As promised from the same app, its latest version provides «a more fluid navigation ergonomics», allowing a better read. In this case, you can have information on your daily, monthly horoscope, for each season of the year and up to profile of your astral sign.

Black Horoscope

The app famous official Black horoscopes of the signs is also completely free. This other way of seeing the zodiac is also presented with lightweight and stylish design and the possibility of consultation without being connected to the Internet.

Horoscope in Spanish 2020

Your name does not lie, because it offers the prediction for all 2020, as well as for each of its days. And it is that he will inform you daily about how you are going to do in love, with your health, with work or in monetary matters. In the same way, you can easily share everything on WhatsApp, Twitter and other social networks.

Free Daily Horoscope and Tarot – Futooro

With functions similar to all the previous ones, this app provides astrological predictions for you and your family, friends or partner. And it allows you to make runs and interpret the Tarot cards. To this must be added that they have planned an update that will contain astral chart and natal chart online, love spells, compatibility between zodiac signs, chat consultations with psychics and astrologers in Spanish …

Love horoscope

For those who are only interested in matters of the heart, This application offers daily prediction and compatibility in love between signs.