What are the benefits of cotton underwear?

Probably on some occasion you have heard that it is convenient to wear cotton underwear, before other fabrics. Behind this recommendation there are several reasons, which are not related only with aspects of greater or lesser comfort. Its use is also recommended for health and hygiene reasons, since this fabric has qualities that others lack and that make it more suitable to be worn and worn in this area of ​​the body.

Its uses

Cotton is one of the most widely used textile fibers in the world. Its discovery dates back to ancient times and comes from India, but it was also very common in Egypt and Mexico. It grows around the seeds of the cotton plant, a kind of shrub. Its expansion began to rise with industrialization throughout the 19th century, and today it represents one of the most consumed fabrics in the world. Currently, the main cotton exporters include countries as diverse as the United States, India, Uzbekistan, Brazil and Pakistan.

This material has multiple applications within the textile world and its fibers in addition to being used for clothing, are intended for other uses within the home, decoration and other sectors. The ones that are longer are those that are generally used for underwear and bedding, which is usually also made of cotton, like towels or bathrobes, for example. In general, it is a very versatile natural product which allows it to be used in multiple ways.

The properties of cotton are those that give it, on the one hand, the fact that it is one of the most demanded fabrics within this industry, and on the other, the most recommended for use as underwear in contrast to others.

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One of its advantages is that it is breathable, one of its most precious qualities. This fabric absorbs moisture very well, be it sweat or other liquids, so that it allows the skin to breathe normally. This favors that if we use it as underwear, this area of ​​the body is always well ventilated and free of odors, this being one of the reasons why it is recommended for this use.

Precisely to the previous quality we must add the fact that it also has a very good absorption capacity. This fabric absorbs up to 27 times its weight in water, so it is ideal for those who sweat a lot, since in this way uncomfortable dampness on the skin is avoided and that in the intimate parts can favor the appearance of fungi and therefore of pathologies related to these microorganisms. This characteristic also contributes to the fact that it is one of the most widely used fabrics for the production of bath linen and kitchen towels.

Other of its great advantages and that contributes to its being recommended as an ideal fabric for our underwear is that it has hypoallergenic properties. This means that it helps prevent and alleviate the effects of irritations, itching, allergies and also infections, especially in the genital area where in general there is a greater exposure to humidity and therefore to certain pathogens attacking this area. In addition, its use is recommended in those garments that are tight to the body, such as shirts or shirts. For this reason, it is used in turn in people who have sensitive skin.

It is important to note that it is advisable to use it in underwear because it contributes to regulate skin pH, something important especially to prevent certain infections from occurring. This balance can limit to some extent the occurrence of alterations in the intimate parts.

Organic cotton

Soft to the touch

Then, it should be noted that it is about a soft touch product, very pleasant, that in contact with the skin provides comfort and well-being, in such a way that sometimes it gives the feeling that you are not wearing anything. At the same time, it can be dyed very well, so that if we get tired of a cotton garment we can give it a different touch by changing it color. For the consumer, it also has other benefits of interest and that is that they are garments that generally last longer than others due to their high resistance. They endure continuous washings in the washing machine and at high temperatures.

The only drawback in this regard is that it tends to shrink after each wash. However, at present it is industrially prepared so that this effect hardly occurs, in such a way that when buying these garments and then washing them we will not appreciate that this situation occurs. At the same time, it tends to wrinkle more than other fabrics, so after washing them, these garments must be ironed well to get them to be smooth and without wrinkles.