What are the applications that help you take care of your plants?

Although at first glance the care of the plants that we have in our homes may seem simple, there are times that we do not hit the key and we end up killing them. Whether because we don’t water them enoughBecause we flood them or simply because we do not expose them sufficiently to the sun’s rays, the truth is that not everyone has the same “hand” when it comes to properly caring for their plants.

One of the options to alleviate this problem is found in the applications that we can download on the mobile; because, as you well know, there are all kinds of them. And in case of taking care of both indoor plants and small gardens, it was not going to be less.

Plant a tree

Some applications to take care of your plants

There is no more to enter the store Android or Apple and look to see that there are different options, so we are going to stick with the ones that have a better rating and with those that can help you on a day-to-day basis.

  • How to Care for Plants / Gardens. It offers you tips for handling all types of plants (ornamental, edible, and even artificial). It also adds information about medicinal plants.
  • Plant Care Reminder – Watering the plants. It is an assistant that allows the user to know when and how you should water the plants, reminding you in time so that the care is correct.
  • Orchard Planter. Curious app that serves as a guide and help for people who decide plant vegetables in the city, whether on the balcony, on the terrace or anywhere else in the house.
  • Garden Info. As its name suggests, this application offers all kinds of data about the subscriber, the plants, their light and water requirements …
  • Gardenize. It helps to have everything controlled by photos and text. In this way, the user can have perfectly cataloged your plant family or your garden and schedule your care.
  • Plant water reminders and journals + more – Plantr. Is app aims that your plants don’t die of dehydration, reminding you when to water and take care of them.
  • Plant diary. It allows you to keep a record of the health of the plants in a garden and remember when they should be watered.