What are the advantages of flex induction technology?

There are several systems that you have at your fingertips when choosing the cooking method you want to install in your kitchen. From the traditional fires that work with gas, to modern glass-ceramics or induction hobs. Each one presents its pros and cons and, in most cases, it is personal taste and preferences that are imposed.

If you have finally decided on an induction hob, you should know that, just as glass-ceramics have been incorporating new advances, they also surprise with the so-called flex induction technology, whose main advantage lies in make the most of the cooking surface. In addition, depending on the different models, they include some details that make us think that we are looking at the kitchen “of the future”.

What is a flex induction zone?

The idea is that induction hobs stop having the typical circles designed for standard size pots and pans and become a large work area, absolutely versatile, so that you can prepare different recipes at the same time in the container you want (round, long, large, small …) and offering you total control of temperatures in each area and at all times.

flexi induction cooker

Different brands offer varied models. Some maintain the conventional area with one or two burners and a single induction flex zone. In others, the entire board incorporates the new technology. Each flexible induction zone works as a standalone plate and, in turn, it is divided into several segments that you can also use at your convenience. Each «mini section» carries a independent inductor. In most cases, they bring preset temperatures, although you can modify them.

For example, a flex induction area can have three stripes in which you can place the container: zone 1, which is usually designed to quickly heat up any food; the central one, which is intended for medium-temperature cooking, and zone 3, which normally serves to keep food warm or to make a preparation that requires a fire at minimum power.

Other models have two flex induction zones rectangular and a central round to give you even more cooking options.

As an advantage, each of them it is activated only if it detects a container on top, which means saving energy, and just by sliding the pot from one point to another on the surface, the new location will go into operation immediately (You don’t have to turn on and off, or raise or lower the «fires»).

Depending on the model, you have various functions that may also be of interest to you. Stop cooking for a few seconds to clean up a liquid that has spilled, an extra quick function for when you need to bring any preparation to a boil in record time, an optimal oil temperature warning system, the possibility of programming cooking times or a automatic shutdown, for example. Undoubtedly, these “futuristic” air plates are already a reality. Of course, since not everything could be so perfect, its price is very high.