We tell you all about conjunctivitis in dogs and cats

It is one of the most annoying conditions that we can suffer in the eyes, the conjunctivitis. But it is not something exclusive to people, since our pets also suffer from this ophthalmic inflammation as a consequence of an external aggression produced by bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins in contact with the eye or because the immune system is at a minimum.

Your pet suffers from conjunctivitis: warning signs

It is then that you may notice that your dog or cat is upset, has the watery, red eye and it does not stop trying to scratch with its paws to alleviate the pain and the itch that it feels at that moment. In addition, you will observe how some thick white, yellow, or greenish legañas and bad-looking around their eyes, which are usually closed or semi-closed due to these annoyances.

As soon as you see these signs, it is important go to the vet for an eye exam, check how the eye is located and determine the most appropriate treatment in each case. It is essential that you do not delay the visit to the specialist, especially with cats that are still puppies, as this condition can be complicated and serious. Do not try to apply eye drops on your own or manipulate his eyes excessively, the remedy may be worse than the disease.

Conjunctivitis in cats and dogs

In the case of dogs, the aforementioned causes are often joined by the presence of foreign bodies that have stuck to the eye after sniffing in the grass or bushes. In this case, it is necessary to act with great care to remove with tweezers those remains of plants, seeds, spikes or even small insects hidden under the eyelids. Something that only the vet should do.

Some previous precautions

You should not neglect the eye health of your pets as it is vital, especially if it is a dog that has long hair. If so, avoid getting in your eyes, as can carry dirt that ends up inside the eye area. It is best to trim the hair around the eyes so that it does not bother you.

And don’t forget to keep your dog or cat’s eyes always clean. To do this, help yourself with a small gauze with physiological serumThis way you will make all the remains disappear.