Ways to remove a fish bone stuck in the throat

If there is one thing that can really annoy us when we eat fish, it is swallowing a thorn. Sometimes, even if we put everything on our side, one of them can escape by staying in our throat, which can cause a lot of discomfort and even some concern.

When it comes to a small thorn, it will be our own body that pushes it and expels it by itself without causing tissue damage. However, when it is a thorn of a larger size, in addition to pain and discomfort, It can lead to an injury to the throat and even an infection. Therefore, it is advisable to get it removed as soon as possible and, if we cannot do it at home with the home remedies that we are going to detail below, you should go to the doctor to remove it either with instruments or, in the case of greater severity, with a little surgery.

The most important thing is to eat food that, thanks to its soft, sticky or spongy texture, can push, extract or stick to the spine. In this sense, it is recommended:


It is without a doubt the home remedy par excellence. It is recommended take a piece of bread and dip it in milk. Then, we will make a ball that we will swallow whole without chewing to push the thorn into our stomach.

If we do not have bread at that time, we can try with cooked rice (preferably very past) or potato.

Olive oil

The oil will help us lubricate better the area helping our esophagus to expel the thorn.


Eating bananas is another of the most recommended home remedies to remove a small thorn trapped in our throat.

Being a soft and sticky product at the same time, can help us to get the thorn stuck to the banana by extracting it from the throat.

What can I do to remove a fish bone stuck in my throat?  Photo: bigstock


Coughing is another of the best actions we can take. When we cough, our body move your throat muscles getting the spine to detach in a natural way.


Taking chocolates can also help us in this task. His sticky consistency it can catch the thorn to dislodge it from the throat.

what not to do?

In no case should we try to extract it with instruments at home, not even with your fingers. In both cases, we could only get worsen the situation and infect the wound.

Equally, avoid hard foods as long as you have the thorn stuck since you will only be able to embed it even more making it difficult to extract.

It is also not recommended to hit the back nor press the pit of the stomach.