Types of plugs outside of Europe, cataloged by country

If you go to travel outside of Spain, there is something essential that you should put in your suitcase for some countries: plug adapters. Knowing the types of plugs outside of Europe will help you not to leave them at home and have to look for an emergency one at the destination. They are usually easy to find, but to get a better price and avoid undesirable surprises, we recommend that you have it prepared.

Plug types outside of Europe

Plug A: Better known as an American plug. Almost any country that you go to in the United States or South America they use it, in addition to some Asian countries. Specifically, it is used in the United States, Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Yemen, Japan, China, Laos, Taiwan, Burma and Bangladesh. It has two slots and the voltage depends on the country, being lower in America than in Asia.

Plug B: It is used in all the aforementioned countries, in addition to the Philippines. It also has the same voltage and the difference is that it adds a third rounded hole.

Plug C: The European one and the one we use at home in Spain, with two round holes. It is used in Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Brazil, Mauritius, Morocco, Madagascar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, South Korea, China, Afghanistan, Nepal, Burma, Lebanon, Mongolia, Iran, and Laos.

Plug D: For this we will not need an adapter since it has the two holes of the Spanish, plus another one a little larger. We find it in Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, India, Yemen, Congo, Bhutan, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Plug E: The same as the European, but also has a small metal with a rounded shape. It is located in Africa and we do not need an adapter.

Plug G: The traditional English plug (with three rectangular holes), is also used in Singapore, Oman, Jordan, Malaysia, Cambodia, the Persian Gulf and Hong Kong.

Plug H: It is the plug used in Israel, compatible with the European one and with three round holes.

plugs outside of europe

Plug I: In Oceania, China and Argentina use this plug with three rectangular holes.

Plug J: For these countries we do not need an adapter either, as it is compatible with our type of plug. The three-hole plug is used in the Maldives, Rwanda, Liechtenstein, and Jordan.

Plug K: Also compatible with our plug, it has three round holes and can be seen in the Maldives, Bangladesh, Greenland and Denmark.

Plug L: Very similar to the previous one, with three holes and also compatible with the C plug. It is used in Chile, Eritrea, Uruguay, Maldives, Libya and Cuba.

Plug M: This is one of the most original types of plugs outside of Europe. It has three round holes forming a triangle. It can be seen in South Africa, Mozambique, Nepal, Lesotho, Namibia, and India.

Plug N: European compatible, used in South Africa and Brazil.

Plug O: Finally, the O plug (also compatible with ours), has three round holes in a triangular shape. It is used only in Thailand with a voltage of 230 V.