Types of plugs in Europe

If you are going to travel outside of Spain, there is some important information that you should know. Not all countries use the same type of plugIn fact, in Europe there are different varieties, so the ideal is to travel with one or more adapters to be able to charge all your electronic devices.

If you forget, ask at the reception of your hotel, as they usually have some for sale, or you can also look for it at the airport, hardware stores, department stores or on the plane itself.

Types of plugs in Europe

We can distinguish up to six different plugs.

Plug C: It is the most common and the one we have in Spain. It includes two rounded holes and has a voltage between 220 and 240 V and 2.5 amps.

Plug E: It is aesthetically identical to the C, but with a small metal overhang. It also has the same voltage and is used mainly in France, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We don’t need an adapter.

Plug F: It is the same as the C, except for the amperage (in this case, 16). It can be used in the same countries as C without the need for an adapter.

Plug G: We enter the list of countries that use different types of plug. This is the traditional English plug, used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta. It has three rectangular-shaped holes (one vertically and two horizontally, in palalelo). They work with a voltage between 220 and 240 V.

english plug

Plug J: It is used in Switzerland, with a voltage of 220, 230 or 240 V. It is made up of three round holes. We do not need an adapter, since although the Spanish are only two holes, nothing happens if we leave one free, it still works the same.

Plug L: It is also C-compatible, so don’t worry about the adapter. It is used in Italy and the voltage is 220, 230 or 240 V. It consists of three round holes placed in parallel.

Then, In which countries do we need a travel adapter? United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta are the four European countries where we will have to carry the adapter with three rectangular holes. In the rest of the places our plugs serve us, although the shape is different, the important thing is that our two round holes fit and the voltage is compatible.

When in doubt, it is best to carry a universal travel adapter. They are usually a kind of cube with different adapters in it and that they serve us anywhere in the world.