Types of pillows for neck and back pain

The objective of a pillow is that, when we go to bed, it contributes to a good night’s rest. To do this, it must encourage head, neck, and spine are aligned. From the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU @consumers), they ensure that to choose the correct pillow we simply have to take into account our complexion and the way we sleep: face up, sideways or in all possible ways. Now, if we have cervical discomfort, experts recommend pillows with specific shapes, since these can help prevent pain from getting worse and even relieve them.

Butterfly or cervical

The first and most important thing is that we choose the pillow with which we are comfortable and feel comfortable. The traditional ones, the long ones, are recommended especially for people who sleep in any position.

The ones that are shaped like a butterflyNarrow in the central part and wide on the sides, they are recommended in the case of suffering from cervical and dorsal ailments in the upper part of the back. In this way, they relieve and prevent pain. The shape of this pillow favors the cervical part is supported correctly at bedtime. This is what provides the calm we need in the area, that is, it helps the damaged muscles relax.

Then there are the calls cervical pillows. They are also recommended for neck and back pain. These are like the previous ones, ergonomic, and They have different shapes that adapt better according to the position in which we sleep.

Ergonomic pillow

The importance of the material

Once we have chosen the shape of the pillow to calm the discomfort, we must also look at the material from which they are made, since this influences muscle relaxation. On the one hand, we have them fiber, synthetic, which are quite soft, but when washing them, their interior can be damaged.

In the case of latexIt can be natural, synthetic or a mixture of both. They are soft and provide good support, especially if you sleep on your side or have a large complexion.

If they contain feathers, they are usually too soft and do not support the neck well, since they have almost no firmness. However, memory foam ones They can be a good choice, as they combine support, firmness and softness. It is the type that is most often used in cervical pillows.