Types of mosquito nets that exist and their characteristics

Mosquito nets have become a very useful tool for keep mosquitoes and other insects away inside the home. All of it, without depriving us of natural light and ventilation that also emanate from the street.

However, experts point to other very interesting advantages such as, for example, energy saving, by not having to turn on the light or air conditioning so often; safety, especially if children live at home; or extra privacy, because the mesh does not allow you to see what is happening at home from the outside.

However, it is not enough to choose the first mosquito net you come across in the market, as it is full of varieties that not only provide various functions, but they can turn your home into a more decorative and accessible space, for example. What types of mosquito nets are there?

Roll-up mosquito net

One of the most popular in recent times, formed by a small drawer where the mosquito net fabric is housed and the mechanism that allows its installation. In turn, in the window frame, you must place a series of boards that keep the mosquito net fixed and an anchor to ensure that the mesh is completely unrolled. This mode is ideal for those who want to ward off insects but still have access to the outside.

Pleated mosquito net

This version, the most modern from all, it is not fixed and is collected through accordion-like folds. Like the previous model, it is intended for windows and, especially, frequent passage doors. Ideal for houses where there are people who use wheelchairs or baby carriages. However, its installation does require that it be docked at one end of the window.

Types of mosquito nets

Sliding mosquito net

Specially designed for sliding doors and windows that give access to the outside. It is composed of an aluminum frame that is attached to the profile of said entrance and includes four brackets, of which two have bearings so that the mosquito net can slide without the slightest problem. It is true that for many people it is very limited, but it is also one of the easiest to install.

Curtain mosquito net

In this case, yes it is a model designed only for doors. As if it were a conventional curtain, only made with the classic mesh of mosquito nets, its mechanism is formed by a support and a groove that holds the two strips that make up the fabric. In addition, these have a fastening method, a kind of velcro, to ensure the closure of the mesh.

Velcro mosquito net

Another of the most popular copies of the moment, as it is available for all types of gaps, since the mosquito net is commissioned to measure. As for its installation, you just have to cut the fabric, stick the adhesive velcro on the door or window frame and place the mesh. It’s that easy and comfortable, and without the help of any tools.

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