Types of mirrors to decorate the house and where they fit best

Mirrors can be a very useful decorative element in the home, in addition to reflecting our image. However, they come in many forms and types, and not all are valid for any space. In addition, if we know how to place them in a certain way, they can be generate visual effects that can even change the atmosphere of your home or give it other dimensions at least in appearance.

Shaped like a circle

These are very elegant and give a lot of play. There are seasons that you will see them more frequently in furniture stores because they become fashionable, but in specialized houses you will find them more easily.

They can be found round, oval, with sun or flower shapes, small, large … The options are endless. They combine very well in any room and if we choose them in various sizes and hang on a wall they create a very striking visual effect.

Classic rectangular

These are ideal for large rooms or for hallways, especially if we hang them horizontally on the wall. They are also cute in bedrooms, but placed vertically. We can choose them with classic or simpler frames, depending on the style we have chosen for the room where we are going to place it.

Mirror in bathroom


Square mirrors usually fit very well in the bathrooms, but also in a small hall on a table of equal width, for example. In addition, you can play with them a lot because if you buy several of them, small and without a frame, it is possible to put them together on the wall of the living room or bedroom in such a way that they in turn create other geometric shapes such as a rhombus or a rectangle.


This type of mirrors are very elegant and are characterized by its frame is also made of glass to which they carve different motifs. Originals are expensive because they are made by hand and require meticulous elaboration, but today many furniture houses have replicas making them like this more accessible to the general public. They can be placed in any room of the house.

With modern shapes

Here imagination is the predominant note and if you are one of those who like cutting edge design You can find very original ideas that can fit perfectly in an office, living room or bedroom. Everything will depend on what your taste and imagination want.