Tying your toes and 12 other definitive tricks so your shoes aren’t torture

Foot pain associated with the use of shoes is closely linked to the quality of the product, the type of material with which it is manufactured and also, of course, the sensitivity of the foot and other conditions and pathologies such as osteoarthritis, chilblains, ingrown toenails, skin diseases, such as fungus and psoriasis, etc.

Anyway, wearing shoes shouldn’t be synonymous with torture. We leave you some tips and tricks to avoid foot pain, chafing, blisters and sores that can ruin our day and the enjoyment of any social event.

With these 13 tips and tricks you can minimize that pain and fatigue that makes you only want to take off your shoes at the end of the day.

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1. Keep the heel caps in good condition

Heel caps are not only to protect the heel, they also make the foot sit well on the floor. Keeping them in good condition will keep our feet, ankles, knees, hips and spine balanced while walking, minimizing the risk of pain.

2. Place tea bags to remove bad odors from your shoes

Wearing your feet all day in closed shoes in addition to pain and fatigue also makes your feet sweat, moisture is produced inside the shoe and bad odors are released. To avoid these odors and remove moisture, at night place some tea bags inside the shoe, in this way, the next day your feet will remain comfortable and without moisture that softens the skin.

3. Widen your shoes

If your shoes are new and have not yet taken the shape of the foot and are generally a bit tight, put on some thick socks, wear the shoes and heat them with a hair dryer. In this way they will conform and when they cool they will have widened a little.

4. Change the way the laces are attached

If you wear shoes with laces, regularly change the way the laces are arranged, so that your feet will not always feel tight in the same areas and they will feel more comfortable.

5. Use hot baths with chamomile infusion

If you end the day with very tired feet, a hot water bath with an infusion of chamomile will calm the pain. You can also put a handful of salt in the water and then dry them well with the towel and hydrate them with a good moisturizing foot cream.

6. Buy shoes in the morning

Tired feet can grow up to half a size. For this reason, when you go to buy a new pair, try to do it in the morning.

7. Wear short heels

The use of high heels punishes the little toe a lot because, although it is the smallest, it also tends to be tighter. Try to reduce the height of the heel, this will make this toe sit better and the pain will decrease.

8. Use silicone protectors

An option to avoid chafing are silicone protectors, you will prevent your shoes from squeezing the big toe and pain in the bunions.

9. Tie your fingers

Yes, it has an explanation. When we stand on tiptoe, to maintain balance the toes tend to spread apart, thus obtaining more stability. When you wear high-heeled shoes the effect is the same as if you were on tiptoe, so your toes will tend to separate. This will cause them to press on the sides of the shoe causing pain. If you hold the toes with a strip of tape they will stay firm, the shoes fit better and you will avoid pressure that can lead to pain or sores.

10. Line the inside of your sandal or shoe

To avoid chafing that sooner or later will end in painful sores or in cases of having delicate feet that suffer from pain, lining the inside of the shoe or the place that produces the chafing or pressure with cotton will make the shoe more bearable.

11. Deodorant stick

Reduce chafing by passing a little deodorant stick on the areas of greatest contact of the foot with the shoe, thus avoiding friction and blisters will not appear.

12. Avoid slipping

If you are new to shoes and they have a leather sole, sanding the sole will help you avoid unwanted slipping. Coarse-grit sandpaper will make this easier for you.

13. Use templates

A soft and soft insoles will make the foot fit well inside the shoe and at the same time tread more comfortable. There are templates on the market that can be cut to size.